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My Hari Raya and F1 2007 Driver Title
October 22, 2007

It’s been more than a week now since Hari Raya Aidilfitri. I’m feeling less lethargic. Aidilfitri hols to me is not the time I’d expect to enjoy restful days. Contrary, it’s the most energy sapping of hols.

The eve before Raya, I busied myself doing final house cleaning chores. Had to give up my bedroom to sis and her family who’d come to stay for the night. I woke up in the morning with a very stiff back the aftermath of physical excercise and for having slept on a bamboo mat in my younger sister’s bedroom (bad choice!) 😛 and the suspicion of a nagging headache! Sheesh!!

Anyway, usually after raya prayer, there’s a late breakfast together with the whole family. Since I don’t cook or bake, I bought some hari raya cookies. This year, I spent less than what I did the last time. But satisfying! When the cookies are finished, I still have a hamper of goodies that I received from my supplier to serve guests. 😀

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If you ask me, it rather was a heavy meal to consume after 1 month of fasting, not a smart thing to do; gonna shock the tummy! Guess which dish I prepared?! heh!heh!

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After cleaning up and putting away the dishes, we started our routine travel of ‘balik kampung’. The first day, we drove to Temerloh, Pahang; my mother’s hometown. The pleasant part was that this year all her 8 siblings returned home to visit grandma. She looked aged and her movement was slower but she was in good health. I also met with all my cuzs. The bad news was that my pockets bled more; uhuk! Uhuk! Wail!!! 😥 Ohhh!! All those ‘angpow’s, I’d been obliged to distribute!!

We travelled back to KL the same night. My headache hadn’t abated and once I reached home I was flat out and was out like a light!

The next day, we travelled to N.Sembilan and Melaka to visit relatives from father’s side. Traffic crawled from Nilai to Seremban. What should have taken 1/2 an hour, took more than an hour. We’d expected an accident occurred… and were right_ only that it happened on the OTHERSIDE!!!! Grrrrr!!! “@*&^%&$$¬!!* I bet all those drivers slowed down to have a look – at a car that had hit a lamp post… Malaysians sure are a curious LOT!!!! Aiyarrrr!!!!!

We arrived home at around 11.00 pm looking forward to a lazy day on the morrow. Heh! heh!


Kimi won the F1 2007 driver’s title, a great ending of a gripping 3 way race. Heh! Heh! The guy had the least chance of the 3. I’m glad!! Personally, I was banking on him to win this. I had gotten bored with the fracas between Hamilton and Alonso.

It is a great overall result for Heidfeld too. He achieved his target! 😀

Poor England… Lost rugby too!! At least the lesson they can take from this, with regards to EURO 2008 football is that there’s always the outside chance… look at Kimi!!! Hehehehe 😉

September 26, 2007

Writin’ about Japanese stuff. 😀

This Japanese teapot is called TOKONAME-YAKI originated from Tokoname city somewhere in Japan. It is made of a type of Japanese ceramics called tokonameyaki, I think. Heh!heh! It has a history dated as far back as 900 years.

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There’s a coil of filter inside which is cool!

I bought it as a souvenir from my recent trip there. I wanted to buy something uniquely Japanese and made in Japan. The teapot attracted my attention. A bit pricey though. And I wasn’t aware of its historical significance then. Glad I chose it. K-san e-mailed me the info when I reached Malaysia. Domo! 🙂

The first time I visited Japan, I bought bedroom yukatas 😛 for the whole family. The hotel where I stayed provided me a very comfy yukata to wear every night and I was enticed into buying one but ended up buying 7!!! 😆 . I still wear mine sometimes.

Well, the 2nd time I went there, I met Touya. I brought him home with me. Heh!heh! 😉

Trip Ahead
August 17, 2007

I’m off to Japan on a short business trip next week. Weather is forecasted to be cloudy and rainy first half of the week. But whoa! Received e-mail from my manager informing me that Japan is experiencing heat wave. That is certainly new! Heard thousands died in Europe a coupla year back.

When I was there the first time, it was during typhoon season going into summer. So I was lucky to still be there and witness Japan held Hanabi or Firework Festival to celebrate the start of summer. 😀

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Earlier the same week, staffs were advised to return home at noon in trepidation of heavy typhoon in the course of the evening. It was one of those rare moments I got the night to myself. I was keen to walk by the quay but was vehemently deterred by colleagues. That night a super tanker badly hit by waves-goin’-amok stranded at sea and homes were badly damaged at certain areas. I saw that on TV. 😮

Let’s just say that I’ll most probably spend the whole time confined within the office at daytime. Sheesh!! Come nights, like most nights, my counterparts would drag me places for dinner and socialising. I didn’t usually mind but it could became exhausting to a point. 🙄

Never tried public hot bath. Hehe. 😳 Too modest and not adventurous for that. I did visit an island and some parts of the countryside at the outskirt of Yokohama. Preferred that to shopping binge in the city or visiting Tokyo Disneyland. 😉

I’ve been a little anxious and paranoid lately having watched a lot of air crash disaster series. 😕 Tried as I might to avoid, somehow the shows seemed to come out more. It’s not a good feeling being reminded constantly that I’m just a sitting duck in the hands of good ole cap’n. Now, if I can set my mind to have the ability to fly… 😛 Not sure I’d enjoy too much ‘real’ experience of Lost. 😛

Well I hope to return back in one piece. Do take care too till the following week, god willing! Insya Allah!! Steady heart. 🙂

For the love of Touya (2)
February 14, 2007

We started to ascend a narrow staircase that led up to this shop. The name of the shop, I knew not. Later on, I asked a colleague… but was informed that the name would be too difficult for me to pronounce. Cehhh!!! So henceforth, it’ll be known as Mysterious.

An imposing warrior suit was displayed at the entrance; a promising start I’d say. I took stock of the size of Mysterious. It was small and rectangular, 2/3 the size of my bedroom at home. If there is 1 thing I’d gradually familiarise myself with in Japan, it is its limited space. But they do know how to utilise whatever spaces are available and put ‘em to good effect. As for Mysterious… it was compact, clean and uncluttered.

As I looked closer at the displayed goods, I felt a little chagrin. Aramaaakkkk!!! Toys and stuff??!!! You know…, weird looking weaponry from cartoon series… Ninja turtles swords????!!!! That did it… My cake was dough!!!

But no wait…”here’s some hooks for fighting; oooh!! Ninja gadgets n whoa!! Real katana!!” Things looked to be shaping up from then on. Still… there were no miniature swords in sight.

Surveying further, my keen gaze fell on him… Time stopped!!

He stood quietly at one side. Tall, dark and brooding like all heroes should be. Coolly, he waited for me as though tempting me to make a move. Like any simpering love struck idiot, I stuttered towards him and we touched. Oh my! (Note: “Oh my” should be articulated as though you’re saying it while softly inhaling air into your mouth… yea, c’mon, try say it) It felt like all my life energy was drained away from me and in an instant, warped back inside twofold. For effects, let me just describe it as whoosh! Whoosh!

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“Je suis Touya.” Oh Touya!! What a sweet and strong name. Recollection of my sparse French knowledge helped me out, “Downpour2.” (Heh! heh! I know French as much as a 1 year old infant, or worse.) I observed him further, caressed him more and the \4,100 tag at his side convinced me that we were equals and meant to be together, forever. Firmly, I pulled Touya out of his scabbard. His blade flashed out, meaningfully suggesting, “I am yours.” “I know.” I whispered back.

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Err… what was I actually looking for here???? He he!

Akiba (1)
February 13, 2007

Rain was falling as we set off from Akihabara train station. It was dark and rather cold but I felt contented. I like it when it rains. I like it when the weather is cool. I liked it the more so in Akiba. It was my first visit to this unique electric cum anime town. We ventured along the streets with its’ endless dazzles of neon lights illuminating almost in entirety any available spaces that a building wall can spare.

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A few gals in techno garbs and costumes out of an anime serie were busy handing out flyers. It was a startling sight, but most interesting nonetheless. Ultimately, had an Invid Storm Trooper suddenly flew above the sky or had I witnessed fighting scenes from Dragon ball at a corner of a street, I wouldn’t have been surprised. The ambience of the place itself and the otaku culture it embraces lent a weird lure that had the ability to transport one (ok, me! ;P) into believing he/she actually IS in an anime world.

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I was on an errand. Aside from a typical business trip to Japan, 2 ‘swell’ friends back home asked me to hunt for miniature katana or Japanese swords. I hinted my intention to my Japanese manager and as a result O-san and K-san were assigned to locate a shop that sells just that. I was tagged as a samurai aficionado. Even the placard displayed to greet me at the airport was that of Kenshin Himura, Samurai X. Heh! heh! 😀

By the time we reached the umpteenth shop, our shoes and pants had become soggy from trudging over pools of water on the streets. Ooohh!!! Let this be it…