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My Hari Raya and F1 2007 Driver Title
October 22, 2007

It’s been more than a week now since Hari Raya Aidilfitri. I’m feeling less lethargic. Aidilfitri hols to me is not the time I’d expect to enjoy restful days. Contrary, it’s the most energy sapping of hols.

The eve before Raya, I busied myself doing final house cleaning chores. Had to give up my bedroom to sis and her family who’d come to stay for the night. I woke up in the morning with a very stiff back the aftermath of physical excercise and for having slept on a bamboo mat in my younger sister’s bedroom (bad choice!) 😛 and the suspicion of a nagging headache! Sheesh!!

Anyway, usually after raya prayer, there’s a late breakfast together with the whole family. Since I don’t cook or bake, I bought some hari raya cookies. This year, I spent less than what I did the last time. But satisfying! When the cookies are finished, I still have a hamper of goodies that I received from my supplier to serve guests. 😀

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If you ask me, it rather was a heavy meal to consume after 1 month of fasting, not a smart thing to do; gonna shock the tummy! Guess which dish I prepared?! heh!heh!

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After cleaning up and putting away the dishes, we started our routine travel of ‘balik kampung’. The first day, we drove to Temerloh, Pahang; my mother’s hometown. The pleasant part was that this year all her 8 siblings returned home to visit grandma. She looked aged and her movement was slower but she was in good health. I also met with all my cuzs. The bad news was that my pockets bled more; uhuk! Uhuk! Wail!!! 😥 Ohhh!! All those ‘angpow’s, I’d been obliged to distribute!!

We travelled back to KL the same night. My headache hadn’t abated and once I reached home I was flat out and was out like a light!

The next day, we travelled to N.Sembilan and Melaka to visit relatives from father’s side. Traffic crawled from Nilai to Seremban. What should have taken 1/2 an hour, took more than an hour. We’d expected an accident occurred… and were right_ only that it happened on the OTHERSIDE!!!! Grrrrr!!! “@*&^%&$$¬!!* I bet all those drivers slowed down to have a look – at a car that had hit a lamp post… Malaysians sure are a curious LOT!!!! Aiyarrrr!!!!!

We arrived home at around 11.00 pm looking forward to a lazy day on the morrow. Heh! heh!


Kimi won the F1 2007 driver’s title, a great ending of a gripping 3 way race. Heh! Heh! The guy had the least chance of the 3. I’m glad!! Personally, I was banking on him to win this. I had gotten bored with the fracas between Hamilton and Alonso.

It is a great overall result for Heidfeld too. He achieved his target! 😀

Poor England… Lost rugby too!! At least the lesson they can take from this, with regards to EURO 2008 football is that there’s always the outside chance… look at Kimi!!! Hehehehe 😉

F1 – Fuji Television Japanese GP 2007 and Deja vu
October 1, 2007

Aiyarrrr!!! Heidfeld hindered from points and booted out of the race. Just 1 lap left before the engine failure!!!! So near. This is the second time for him failing to finish the race. 😥

The Grand Prix this year was raced at Fuji Speedway for the first time.

It was a very, very wet race but later on there were plenty of excitement and dramas after enduring 1/3 of dreary (yawn!) laps behind the safety car during which I half expected the race to be stopped. Click here. I wished I could see the famous Mount Fuji scenery but it was raining heavy so too bad.

But for viewers, here’s a view from above, at another time. 🙂

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I don’t know if anyone noticed this but it seems that fate or coincidence that transpired Alonso’s outcomes so far is similar to those of Schumacher. C’mon! Juxtapose their racing history a bit. Similar plots but different casts. At first I watched amused but hey!! What a carbon copy too. But of course, arguably, they’re world champions so the champion traits are there. 😛 Here’s just the tip of it…

The Champ
Michael Schumacher – 2x World Champions with Benetton (now bought by Renault) + 5x world champ with Ferrari.
Fernando Alonso – 2x World Champions with Renault (moved to MacLaren)

The speedy Englishman (arch-rival)
Damon Hill
Lewis Hamilton

Plus Ayrton Senna(arch-rival)

He’s currently not so popular with fans too because of recent controversies but Alonso can’t beat Schumacher in the controversial driver category yet Heh! Heh! In the ‘evil’ Shumi heydays, I was an ardent supporter. 😆

I read an excerpt of an interview with Lewis Hamilton last night. He mentioned about the possibility of Alonso pulling a Schumi stunt in the last races!! Heh! heh! He saw the pattern too between these 2.. n hey! He idolises Ayrton Senna. Well! Well!

I wait in anticipation of what’s more to come. Wuahahahha! 😉

UPDATE: Hamilton is currently under investigation for the accident involving Webber and Vettel. Whoaa!! Things are really heating up! Tho’ I don’t see what the problem is. But if he is penalised, then there’s gonna be 3 guys racing for the title. Corker!! 😮

Quick jot on EPL
September 27, 2007

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It’s bright and sunshiny days for Arsenal so far. Now we have money aplenty, $70 mil in the kitty. The club’s financial result was announced this week and whoa boy! Arsenal has the next highest (after Real Madrid) operating profit and high turnover. All that achieved without needing any injection from loaded owners. The club held its own. Well done! 😀 😀

There are +ve and –ve consequences of buy outs by financial owners; the bad is currently being enacted by Chelsea … can’t really blame Roman for directing tactics over the team management; he, after all invested 1/2 a billion into the club …but what a hiccup! I guess it’s fortunate that Glazier doesn’t interfere with Sir Alex’s ministering, else we’d see NFL style integrated in EPL, wuahahaha!! 😛

Apart from this, Arsenal is on a roll and I hope the guys can keep the momentum going and take advantage of the woes that betide others. 🙂 🙂 🙂

Arsenal 5
Derby County 0

Carling Cup
Arsenal 2
Newcastle United 0

I’ve been tuning in to most of the EPL matches, watching performances of other teams, just to tailor my expectation with regards to Arsenal. The boys really have it right against lesser teams (a reason for our failure last season). Heh! heh! … there’s no satisfying the pundits tho’. Now they say, let’s see how Arsenal pits against the stronger sides first. 😆

Man U is starting to improve, very pacy but too rushed. Hahahaha. Didja notice how Paul never forgets to mention the missing Nistelrooy’s factor every time he analysed Man U??! I tellja, every time!!! And where’s Torres??! Liverpool fans I’m most certain, like me, just don’t get Rafa’s rotation system … and I wonder how long it will take for Chelsea to bounce back after Maurinho.

I like watching Fulham, not as skilful but they do have comeback tricks up their sleeves. Other teams worth mentioning are Manchester City, Everton and Portsmouth… oh and 1 super cool Anelka! When’s the next score, dude?! 😉

Cheers to a good cause and a good start
September 5, 2007

Rovers nicked a draw from Arsenal. Sheesh!!! 🙄 Halloa… that’s a different back drop from the normal Barclay’s. On further scrutiny and zoom ins, here’s the display. I was instantly gushed with warmth.

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My team, Arsenal is participating in a fundraising that relates closely to my heart. My brother has autism. He’s not in the high intelligence category. He’ll need to be looked after, all his lifetime… well, he’s bro’ in thick and thin. Do click here for Arsenal’s news on this cause. 😀 😀

3 – 1

We’re not doing too badly in the league. The win over Portsmouth recently showed a good form. I think the team again played rather clumsy up front but good control and possessions at midfield left a hefty amount of breathing spaces at the back. Defence still need to buck up though; we haven’t been truly tested there. And I’m hoping for more apt attacks and attempt at goals. Hmm, why aren’t they utilising Eduardo more??! 😕

Heh! Heh! It’s funny how commentators couldn’t make much of Arsenal. I laughed out loud at how McMahon would like to see Arsenal scoring early but when it did, he’d preferred that Arsenal scored later. Wuahahaha!! 😆

This is a very strong team that creates interesting build-ups and tried patience –unpredictable tag to it. It keeps everybody’s toes tingling. Next, Spurs, whoaaa!!! ❓

But yea, we’re just making ourselves suffer long for scoring late, so a goal every 10 minutes would be fine with me as long as we’re winning… pleeease Arsenal!!! He he. 😉

Cardiac Arrest of a Kick Off
August 13, 2007

To be an Arsenal fan, u oughtta have a very very strong heart. Literally! 😀 Otherwise, if last night was anything to go by, if that was an indication of what’s to come, I won’t know how u’d survive watching the remaining 37 matches especially out there at the stadium. 😕

Arsenal’s first EPL match was against Fulham. The result was a nerve wrecking 2-1 win over the opposition. Goals came in within the minute of kick off from opp side, no thanks to our own mistake n finally ours came on the 87th and 90th minutes. How hard was that, ya?! Adehhh!!!! 🙄

Arsenal is as Arsenal was… Either Fulham goalie n defences were THAT outstanding or we lacked cool heads, dexterity and hesitated too long when attempting to slot goals. 2 goals we got did not bear much thinking, the results of barraging scrapes. Whew! 😉

At least I watched at home; plenty of space to roll my body over in frustration and many cushions to thwack n let out steam. Heh! Heh! My advice to the fans is to bring a punching pad to thump while waiting for the many chances to yield fruits.

On a positive note, because of how Arsenal played, on the 2nd half, while watching, I also started to clean up and sweep the living/dining room to offset my gushing adrenaline. At the end of the day, Arsenal won n the living/dining room was spotless. Kyaaaa!!!!! 😛

As for other teams’ performances, I must say there’re quite a few surprises. Conversely, it’s too early to tell as we’ve a long way ahead of us yet.

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Arsenal n Me
August 7, 2007

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The EPL 07/08 season kick-off is hovering ahead; on this week to be precise. Exxcitingggg!!!. As I consider my team selection for Footylicious League, I might as well ramble a bit about Arsenal. 😉

Aye, am an Arsenal supporter, goin’ on strong, notwithstanding. Heh! heh! 😀

😦 Sigh! We didn’t fare too well last season, 4th finishing in the EPL, lagged quite away from the winner, Mmm-aann-U (urghh!!! I’m suddenly afflicted with itchy throat n heavy jaw! 😛 ); and no title to glorify about. We played many oh-so-beautiful-football but lacked goals to complete the topping. All those smooth build-up in midfield culminated to nothing! Doughnuts!! We weren’t sharp or composed enough upfront ‘specially! 😥

E.g.… excellent tackling, …superb passing, …corker of a dribbling… rosickyyy… arghhh!!! Dang man blasted the ball to heaven!!! 😡 Adehhh!!! I know, I know. I’ve read lotsa other reasons that attributed to our disgruntled achievement. Sheeesh!! 😕

I didn’t dare watch most matches complete because of plenty missed chances!!! Arghhhh!! I headed to bed in case I brought bad luck to the team by watching. Wuahaha… isk!isk! All I could do was groan in agony every time my sis’ or bro’ let out tragic cries of near misses. Yea, they’re Arsenal fans too.

The team is different now. With the departure of several key players of the past and the not so big signing/taking in of some not so well-known young bloods, we’re kinda an enigma. Even other big teams expressed wariness about the team. I read many fans’ blogs and surfed the net to find out more about this team. Positive remarks sent me soaring up; negative ones sent me crushing down with a thwack, heh! heh!

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Courtesy of the Official website.

However, after digging for info and watching a few friendly matches; pundits predict another 4th placing; 🙄 irregardless, I’m happy to say that I’m confident in this team of a chance to win the league. Sure other teams have injected more money and signings, that’s normal. Back then, we didn’t play consistent enough against lower teams and lost points from there. This time, the team played scrappy, scuffles, not smooth, rather of a rough gem. Bottom line is we got goals where it mattered and I saw fiery determination right until the final whistle blew. Glad to see more Arsenal shirts raring for a try near the goal post when opportunities arose… uh! Still scrappy tho’. 😐

Against strong sides, we performed better previously… and now, at a glimpse from recent friendlies, Man U, Chelsea & Liverpool don’t look superior to cause insurmountable fear. So, come what may with all those big signings, I’m not worried because all this while Arsenal managed to hold its own against them; I expect the outcome won’t be too different now. .. and well, Arsene knows best. Heh!heh! 🙂

Next: Hungarian F1 GP 2007. Report Card – Heidfeld.
August 5, 2007

Heard that Alonso has been demoted to 6th position at starting grid for the pit lane incident that suggested to have cost Hamilton a potential 1st pole. Oooo!!! Things had gotten more intense and ferocious; the team mate rivalries and the Ferrari and McLaren espionage episode. Personally, I’d say just drop this scuffles and get on with the race. Come clean in the following races. There is every equal chance for everyone still.

On a brighter note, this means that Heidfeld has jumped up to 2nd pole position. Wuahahaha!! 😆 I wish for no better reward after a good run in the qualifying. Well done man!! Strong car, steady team, splendid performance, no scandals… May this streak of luck continue? 😀 😀

Hope that somehow the McLaren in front has another bad field day in the final and somehow other cars behind could not catch up with Heidfeld. C’mon man!!! Expecting his best performance yet and the Hungarian F1 GP 2007 top podium finish. Crossing me fingers and curling me toes on that!!!! 😀

Ahhh!! This guy has not failed me yet. Take a look at his mid-term 2007 report card. Ya?! ya?! Ya?! I couldn’t be prouder. I know I made the correct decision heh! Heh! I feel great!!!!! 🙂 Uhh!! scroll lower… not sure how to adjust the table yet! 😛

Australian34 5
Malaysian54 5
Bahrain54 5
Spanish7Ret 0
Monaco76 3
Canadian32 8
United States5Ret 0
French75 4
British86 3
European46 3


Dratt!!! Did not turn out as I hoped for… not an exciting prix overall but 3rd podium finish is slammin’!! 😛

F1 Nürburgring – A Recollection
July 25, 2007

He he 😀 I agree with majority, F1 European GP is by far the most exciting this year. I watched again the repeat on Monday night and my excitement did not abate. There were plenty of actions, dramas and thrillers to be had; on the circuit and in the pit lane. How many times must each team change strategy and tactics in anticipation of the rain and track condition. A very hustle and bustle affair. 8)

Alonso won this time around. For details, go check out any F1 websites available. This and this for example. 😐

Pity tho’ that Heidfeld did not make a good start. 😕 Bumped with Kubica’s and was left behind. Sigh! He made a good recovery eventually. From 4th pole, down to 2nd last and climbed up to 6th position n a recorded 5 pit stops!? Ho ho. Whoa boy!! That’s my guy!! 😀

By the way, congratulations on the arrival of your newborn baby. 😉

Hamilton got much of the attention tho’. In comparison, methinks Heidfeld’s achievement was a tad better than Hamilton’s on this race. Can’t say much… Hamilton is the current favourite with media n fans alike afterall. 🙄

Heh! heh! Spyker team made a good decision of changing to wet tyres prior to rainfall. Then several cars skidded into the gravel pit. When condition had worsened, we got to see a red flag waved; then a restart. Winkelhock led the race for a short stint but had to give way to meaner machines eventually. Nothing much he could do. I’m sure he’s a decent driver but… Hmmm! The last time I enjoyed watching a backmarker was when Alonso drove for Minardi. His talent outshone the machine n that was great to watch.

As for the spat between Alonso and Massa, I think twas’ a case of over excitement that led Alonso to imply Massa about him doin’ it on purpose. I thought he was just funning around. Hahaha. What’dya expected his reaction would be mann?! 😛 Prod an injured tiger with a stick n expect to be pounced at la… U just snapped the title from right in front of his nose, heh!heh! I applauded their response during the interview tho’. Composed.

What with 4, not 2 drivers up front vying for the championship title and a lot of midfield teams with nearly equal strength trying to out drive each other, dang!!! F1 is getting to be pretty darn exciting. 😀 😀

The Maestro was there too hanging around Ferrari garage and communication hangar??. He he. With much excitement going on nowadays, he must be itching to get into an F1 car himself and have a go at least one more time. Hope, in a weaker car. Ahem!! It is my wish at least. Wanna watch HIM weave his magic one more time!!! 🙂 … n more n more… Hahahaha 😈

What else… aahhh! I need to mention this too. I liked the beautiful view of the circuit, surroundings and sky. Before the race, I could just detect heavy rainstorm coming down an area beyond. It was a sight! Oh wow!!! 🙂

… and finally on our commentator ( 😳 sorry, forgotten his name and I didn’t mean Alex Yoong), he delivered the happenings and excitement in boyish delight and pointed out even small stuff around the circuits worthy of attention and amusement; one couldn’t help but be enthralled too. He sorta brought the meaning ‘live’ on the prix really felt by tv viewers. Well done!! I’ll put your name once I got it right. Kuddos on that! 😉

His name is Steve Slater!! Thanks, Che-cheh. 😀

Got this picture from Cheers!! 😉

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Long time no futsal n now…
July 20, 2007

Heh! Heh! I have a futsal game tonite with fellow colleagues. It has been a long time since and I’m both excited and anxious. Jidane informed me that Mustqm’s and his 2 friends were state players. Gulp!! 😕 I’m not too sure they’ll be easy on a mere wuh-man… n most of the regular guys are futsal’s punch bags, heh!heh! But they’re a bunch of good sports, I grant. n I’ll fight, oh yea… 😉

It’s not easy gathering enough people to form 2 teams but this time we managed. New younger staffs joining our department are looking forward to this game. I guess EPL fever is catching up. Too bad Che-cheh is out due to injury. Niggling back pain it seems. Take it easy then. I’m expecting more regular games in the future. 8)

Finally on another matter, may the best man on Sunday be Heidfeld!! Wow! my shortest post yet! 😀


Lobster did not make an appearance. 😛 There were the 9 of us, 5 (my team) against 4. 2 so-called ex-state players were with me. 15 minutes into the game and I started wondering where oxygen in this world went to!!!! My lung felt like bursting n I was gasping for air like crazy.

I dunno whether those 2 blokes really were state players but if that was true, I don’t wonder if their ex-team was on the losing end. 😕 They were a little better than me!!! I played like Rosicky, very industrious at midfield but firing blanks. Urghhhhh!!! n there was no one to support upfront! Adoiii!!! Our poacher was lame n goalie cum leftback sat (literally!) on his butt at the mid line most of the time halfway thru’.

The opposing team steamrolled their way past us. I didn’t bother to count the score anymore. Heh!heh! Anyhow, I enjoyed it n looking forward to the next. 😀

Finding Heidfeld
April 4, 2007

The F1 Australian GP 2007 is over but I still haven’t found someone to replace Montoya; 1 driver whom I’d support all out through the season/s.

He’s doing fairly well at NASCAR now; his decision to switch from F1 to NASCAR seems to be the right move. In fact, if I’m not mistaken Montoya won his first race already, (oh wow!) albeit a controversial manoeuvre which resulted to the spun off of team mate out of the race. Heh! heh! Typical of him.

Possibly stock cars are more to his style. True, there’s none of the elegance and class of F1; but robust races have its’ fair share of exciting moments too, I guess!! Too bad I can’t tune in and watch his progress nowadays. Stock car races are not popular across the world.

(Sigh!) These are difficult times. It didn’t take me much pondering when I decided on Nigel Mansell and then Michael Schumacher and finally Juan Pablo Montoya.

Kimi? Fast driver and fast car, 1st place but I never was his fan. Crossing this guy outright!

Others?!… urghh!!! plinth.

Only 2 left, it is a toss between Heidfeld and Hamilton then…

2007/4/4 – Finally, my gut says Heidfeld. (Mountain air helped to clear my head, heh!heh!) Maybe this year he’s gonna shine, I dunno… but I’ve made my choice!!! 😀 … Hamilton shielded his eyes too frequently, I can’t stand that, urghhh!!!

Anyhow, I’d always thought Heidfeld as the most under rated driver in the circuit. He’s quick, calm, determined, took chances … showed grit, what else… got good racing records and experiences under his belts.. and he has gained composure throughout the years. Strong characteristics of a champion, I’d say. Yea, like che-cheh said, all this while he’d been unlucky, perhaps.

But things are gonna change from now on; what with my backing, 😛 …and a solid package in BMW-Sauber, I’m starting to believe that this year could be it!!! I’ll be cheering at home in front of the tv with pizza, burger and drinks at my side to somehow will your car ahead of others, (sorry, new guy! I can’t get grandstand seat unless you’d care to sponsor) heh! heh!

I’ve a hunch that the next race will be an exciting mixture of drench and dry event, full of happenings but nothing fatal. Alonso is my pick to win this one, he surely won’t want Kimi to have an early runaway lead.

… but heigh ho!!! F1 Malaysia 2007, make way!!!! Nick’s coming through!!!!! … oh yea, Toyota, you too!! 😛 😛 😛

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