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Ketupat Daun Palas
October 26, 2007

This is what I ate nearly everyday for 2 weeks since Hari Raya or what’s left of ’em; ketupat daun palas, boiled egg and kuah kacang for sauce. heh!heh! 😛

… Well, earlier days, there were still beef rendang or chicken rendang leftovers. Photo showed the last portion, finally!!! whew!!

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Yummy when served hot!! 🙂 Healthy?!… well….. he he. 😉

Rainy Season
October 24, 2007

It’s rainy season now. For the past 3 days, it rained almost non-stop and weather is forecasted to stay that way the whole week.

It is hard to get out of bed. I wish I could’ve just stayed tucked in comfortably longer. Sigh! 😐 Actually, it rained a lot than usual this year; I could not even tell any dry seasons.

Do you notice the sky? It is shrouded with clouds. I guess it’s due to the global warming effects too. The temperatures are cooler. Heh!heh! I’m now less susceptible to cold showers I take every morning. I was recalled to the time I took a cold shower at Laban Rata. Mannn!!! Felt dead freezing! Burrr!!!

The good news is that our surroundings look cleaner and a report in last weekend’s newspaper informed that our rivers are relatively cleaner too. Also, the showers enable me to wash my car more frequently… not during thunderstorms of course. He! He! 😉

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My Hari Raya and F1 2007 Driver Title
October 22, 2007

It’s been more than a week now since Hari Raya Aidilfitri. I’m feeling less lethargic. Aidilfitri hols to me is not the time I’d expect to enjoy restful days. Contrary, it’s the most energy sapping of hols.

The eve before Raya, I busied myself doing final house cleaning chores. Had to give up my bedroom to sis and her family who’d come to stay for the night. I woke up in the morning with a very stiff back the aftermath of physical excercise and for having slept on a bamboo mat in my younger sister’s bedroom (bad choice!) 😛 and the suspicion of a nagging headache! Sheesh!!

Anyway, usually after raya prayer, there’s a late breakfast together with the whole family. Since I don’t cook or bake, I bought some hari raya cookies. This year, I spent less than what I did the last time. But satisfying! When the cookies are finished, I still have a hamper of goodies that I received from my supplier to serve guests. 😀

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If you ask me, it rather was a heavy meal to consume after 1 month of fasting, not a smart thing to do; gonna shock the tummy! Guess which dish I prepared?! heh!heh!

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After cleaning up and putting away the dishes, we started our routine travel of ‘balik kampung’. The first day, we drove to Temerloh, Pahang; my mother’s hometown. The pleasant part was that this year all her 8 siblings returned home to visit grandma. She looked aged and her movement was slower but she was in good health. I also met with all my cuzs. The bad news was that my pockets bled more; uhuk! Uhuk! Wail!!! 😥 Ohhh!! All those ‘angpow’s, I’d been obliged to distribute!!

We travelled back to KL the same night. My headache hadn’t abated and once I reached home I was flat out and was out like a light!

The next day, we travelled to N.Sembilan and Melaka to visit relatives from father’s side. Traffic crawled from Nilai to Seremban. What should have taken 1/2 an hour, took more than an hour. We’d expected an accident occurred… and were right_ only that it happened on the OTHERSIDE!!!! Grrrrr!!! “@*&^%&$$¬!!* I bet all those drivers slowed down to have a look – at a car that had hit a lamp post… Malaysians sure are a curious LOT!!!! Aiyarrrr!!!!!

We arrived home at around 11.00 pm looking forward to a lazy day on the morrow. Heh! heh!


Kimi won the F1 2007 driver’s title, a great ending of a gripping 3 way race. Heh! Heh! The guy had the least chance of the 3. I’m glad!! Personally, I was banking on him to win this. I had gotten bored with the fracas between Hamilton and Alonso.

It is a great overall result for Heidfeld too. He achieved his target! 😀

Poor England… Lost rugby too!! At least the lesson they can take from this, with regards to EURO 2008 football is that there’s always the outside chance… look at Kimi!!! Hehehehe 😉

Prelude to Aidilfitri – Endless clean up
October 11, 2007

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It’s just a few days more to Hari Raya Aidilfitri day. It marks the end of Ramadhan fasting month. I don’t bake hari raya cookies so I bought ‘em, heh!heh! I think 5 types of kuih and 2 types of kerepek should be enough to appease any visitors’ appetite, yea? 😛

This year I decided to clean up the big cabinet cum shelves at our living room… Ye know what? It sure is simple to mess up stuff! Wuahahaha. 😆 I haven’t finished putting the books back in place since Sunday. They’re all over the living room. Mum’s a bit riled but she knows I’ll have the place in order eventually.

There are quite a lot of old books rotting and I saw bookworms too. 😕 Yoicks!! … And dust and cobwebs. Ah well! I’ll sort out; the damaged ones will be sold and recycled and those that are still ‘repairable’, I’ll mend ‘em. Hmmm, I wonder where I put the DIY manual guide??!!! Glad I took up this task tho’. I found a lot of old books I haven’t read for ages; books when I was a kid. 🙂

Fortunately, I clean up thoroughly every week so there is not that much of dusts, unlike my bedroom… he! He! Shush! The floor tho’ does need to be mopped and copperware polished. Whew!

On hari raya, it’ll be the usual long travel and visits to family and relatives. Sheeeshhh!! It’s gonna be very fatiguing hols! 😐

Ps. I’ll add some pictures later. 😉

September 18, 2007

I experienced a bad dream last night. I dreamt of helping bro’ to catch 2 ‘supernatural’ beings. They looked something like a mix of shadowy Sméagol of LOTR and spirits that were vaporising. Heh! heh! 😛

Arghhh!! Couldn’t recall the details. But I wonder what it meant?! Maybe I looked up at the clouds too many times… but whatever, it was energy sapping and eerie!!! Whew!! 😦

I read somewhere that said that dream could be a fast track (not sure whether it is reverse or forward, heh!heh!) playback of previous events meld with perception of future unfold or crap!

Care to gaze through your crystal ball and tell me what you think… 😀

What’s clear and sure is that I woke up feeling very drowsy and puffy-eyed and weak! …and still am. Huaaaa!!! zzzzzzzzzzzzz…………….

September 14, 2007

Careful when you buy convenience goods at hypermarkets or supermarkets, that is if you’re particular about brands. 😀 These h- and m- markets offer packaging to generic goods. Normally, to compete with more established brands, the goods are sold cheaper and varying tactics are used to ‘attract’ customers; i.e. packaging, positioning, location. 😛

Check this out! 😉

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I use Darlie toothpaste. Bought a few boxes but among them was one misfit!?!???! Haaahh?! 😮 Wuahahahaha!!!! 😆 😆 😆 Didn’t notice that another sneaky brand sat at the same rack with Mr. Darlie. The cheek!!! Can’t blame anyone but meself. Heh! heh!

Another time; I thought I bought Oral-B, it turned out to be Oral Me. Hahahaha. Come to think of it, this happened to me quite a lot. Colours sure can fool! 😆

September 5, 2007

Ahh!!! Home Sweet Home! I knew I was in Malaysian airspace by the increased air turbulence occurrence during my flight back home. Seated at the window side, I could see fat clouds all around welcoming my arrival. Japan was still in the midst of summer; there were hardly clouds at Yokohama all blue sky and temperatures soared high. 😐

It has been more than a week since. My homecoming was greeted by news of a dented car. 😡 😡 Felt rather peeved with both dad and bro’. Bro’ had forgotten to pull up the hand brake when he parked. The car smacked a wall up front. Dad parked the car somewhere and we deduced someone rammed the front while trying to reverse out of parking. Hit and run case. Sigh!

The car looked ok but when I opened the bonnet, the magnitude of the damage was more apparent. It dented at the middle, number plate went missing and radiator smashed. In total, I had to fork out more than RM500 for repairs. Sheer bad luck!! 😥

I was not too put out as I usually would have though, given the circumstance. I was in a jovial mood, (now, who wouldn’t?!) after having spent a very pleasant time in Japan. The hospitality and cordiality of my Japanese counterparts lingered in my memory. Arigato gozaimashita! Tanoshii katta desu!!! 😀

I returned with loads of job follow-up to do. I returned to a tatty but functional car. I returned with less cash than I had planned of. I returned in anticipation of lots of wet weather… and I returned back to family and those whom I take most to heart. Good to be back, notwithstanding.

He he. I know it is very belated and I had my say already. But my blog ignores any temporal bind. Happy Birthday, Che-cheh!! And happy everyday everyone!!! … Also hope that little man Hzq is recovered from eye infection. 😉

Kitten with Sore Eyes
August 2, 2007

It was another typical lazy Saturday afternoon. I spent time with Mr Perfect aka TV (heh!heh!) I was not in the mood to clean house but the day’s washing was done; clothes hung out to dry in the sun. Mother persuaded sis and me to go visit our aunt (mother’s youngest sibling but 1).

Bro’ had already jumped into the backseat before I even had time to start the car engine. 😮 We stopped by at Samuri Satay Kajang to buy satay for lunch at aunt’s house. Heh!heh! We didn’t want to harass the lady too much. She was always in a state of panicky whenever her domineering eldest sister 👿 👿 decided to pay a visit. Well, everything went along fine. Hmm, the evil smileys look like cats!!! 😆

On our way back home, sis received a hotline-cat-in-distress call from a friend. Apparently, a furry black kitten snuck into the gal’s car and went to sleep. It was dirty and had a sorta eye infection so no doubt that it was a stray. The gal asked her to take the kit into our household. Mother was none too happy but sis accepted. 😕

The kitten arrived around 7 pm at night. It still looked scruffy even tho’ this friend had bathed n brushed it. Pus came out of its eyes. Urghh!!! I’m not so certain of its breed, midnight black of a long-haired type with bushy tail and green eyes; a potentially handsome kitten; not unlike the one Mo-C is temporarily looking after.

We observed it for a day and noticed that all the household cats wouldn’t touch food and drinks contaminated by the kit. They stayed away from the kitten. Mother explained that they sensed that the kitten was sick. 2-3 of our more streetwise cats also started to eat grass (medicinal grass – don’t ask me, ask the cats; there’s a type of grass which cats (by nature’s mysterious way) know which one to eat if they fall sick).

We hadn’t time to take kit to see a vet. Sis surfed from the internet for home remedy. 💡 An effective trick for eye infection on animals is by dabbing its eyes with cloth dipped in water mixed with salt. It worked almost instantly. The next day, pus disappeared and the eyes had gotten better and stool was solid. Whew!

Sis’s friend who is crazy about cats but cannot care for it on long term came to take it away for 2 weeks until it is healthier. Our aunt who lives at Pahang has agreed to adopt it later on. Aunt has been asking for a furry cat for sometime. The kitten seems to be a very well behaved cat. So I think everyone will be happy with this arrangement. 😉

August 1, 2007

Reminiscence from Life at Uni…

My sister (the elder) and I have always received contradicting opinions regarding our feature resemblance. Some would comment how alike we are but a fair lot of others would say we look as different as night and day. One friend’s remark went a little further… but rather defined, heh! heh!

I was walking past a bicycle shed by my sister’s hostel block, (her university played host to an inter-varsity sports event; I represented another) when I heard and saw someone excitedly calling my sister’s name, M.E; hands frantically waved at me beckoning for attention. I stopped and waited for the girl to come nearer and see her error. 😐

To my surprise, she continued calling me by sis’s name and asked to lend her a bike. However, by this time, something registered in her head. She looked keenly at me and slowly she asked “M.E, why are you so different??!!!” 😆

Wuahahaha. You need to ask??! 😛

Dang!! I think I’ve gotten a hold of writing short post.

A Touch of Creativity
July 18, 2007

Mother is the type who holds on to old machinery or stuff that I normally single out as junk. We live in a ramshackle household but since it’s her house, I don’t say (tak kata apalah!!). 😐 Heh! Heh! But recently, I’ve come to realise that they have their use after all. It depends on how resourceful one is and mother certainly is that!!!

The gas cooking stove had gone kaput, still functional but the flames are small, rendered ‘em difficult to cook dishes that require big fire. We tried cleaning the grates, stoves and plates in case of blockage but to no success.

Time to throw the old n in with the new… but ‘NO!!’ said she. Father bought it as a birthday present and there it shall remain. Sigh!!! 😦

This is one of mother’s handy work which I have to admit, is very creative. 💡

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She bought a big mobile stove (don’t Know if its called that but look at the picture n u get my drift, heh! heh! 😛 ), took out the barbecue grate, dismantled the stand of an old broken sewing machine and started to improvise; the leg paddle to crank up the sewing machine was taken off, BBQ fixed on top of the stand (which to my surprise fitted nicely), spread an aluminium foil on the BBQ n had the stove installed in it. Walla!!! Neat! 8)

aiyarr!! still the same font! anyway to change the font anyone??? 😕

of Strays & Shelter…
July 16, 2007

At home we keep 5 cats; 1 male and 4 female. They’re not exactly pets. At least, at first, I don’t think the main reason for taking them up was for pleasure. Neither do we need ‘em for work nor food. Heh! Heh! 😐 These 5 are cats that lasted up till now.

Stray cats c’mere to seek shelter and food. We don’t have the heart to turn them away; just leave food for them to eat and let them loaf about our backyard. If they couldn’t take the beat and the heat, they’d leave on their own accord. 😈 Sometime, (to our distress 😦 ) people would leave cats outside our house. There was a point of time when we had a score of cats. Imagine the smell we had to contain! Barf!!!

We don’t let in dogs tho’. There was one puppy that was so desperate to get into our house. It was late at night and the pup was yelping with fright and scuffling outside the front door. It eventually went away. Arghh! So sorry, little thing! Hope you survived somehow. 😕

There was 1 dog with a badly injured head (it smelled rotten and the scalp was partly open) that came and lied down outside the front gate. We covered it with old newspapers to give some warmth but I think one of the neighbours scared it away; it wasn’t there when we took a peek later on.

Anyway, these cats come and go. Whew! Thank goodness for that…and also thanks to a certain Program Kembiri, we can help curtail any population increase during their uh! tenancy at our home. 😛 Occasionally, some may return for short visits.

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Let’s see… if my information is correct, the inception of this programme was initiated by animal lovers and SPCA and backed by DBKL. This was thought as one way of controlling the increased number of strays around the area (and with that, common events of witnessing animals being rundown by vehicles or skinny feline or canine scavenging for food can be reduced).

The arrangement made was that a group of vets to set up a clinic at DBKL premise and provide neuter or spay services charged at as low as RM60. Normal rate would have cost around RM200. 😉

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We sent the last female cat for snip snip (as sis would have termed it) this month. A lot of people went there. Our cat was the 20th in line for operation. We also bought Frontline® products to apply to the persian cat at home. Yup!! Even expensive persian cats were abandoned or escaped. We had a chincilla once too. Xpensive breed these. 😛 Ahem!! Tho’ most were singaporean breed or common strays… Items purchased at the centre are given tax relief.

Not so sure how the clinic can upkeep maintenance but if I’m not mistaken DBKL put in coffers into this programme too. The previous mayor was known to have strongly backed this programme. Hopefully, the same goes with the incumbent.

The place allotted is actually DBKL’s animal compound/kennel. When we went there, the kennels were filled with stray dogs caught by DBKL… but ho!! At one corner was a… a… a cow!!! 😆 He he! It must have been separated from its herd somehow and was caught somewhere it shouldn’t be!

Eventually, the dogs will be put to sleep if no one comes to adopt them. Sad but … sigh! and as for the cow…

June 10, 2007

I just arrived home from another weary day at the office, sat down and flipped through the day newspaper. “Ahh!! ‘Pirates 3’ is showing on cinema!” I mused. ‘BETTER THAN BEFORE’ said the caption (or was it EVER?). The b/w illustrations showed rogue Jack Sparrow and the attractive Turner and Swann at his flanks… and there were also Chow Yun-Fatt and that baddy pirate with horrible serpent beard. For viewers, here is a colourful rendition, courtesy of Disney, heh! Heh! 😉 Hasn’t seen it myself but word has it that it is better than Pirates 2.

Of late, work has become an excruciating ordeal, following through mundane motion one day at a time, like Blur’s Ernold Same lyrics; a stark contrast with the swashbucklers’ adventures. Any adrenaline-pumping, bloody wielding sword fights are preferable to my current existence; routine lunge and parry task execution within enclosed 4 corner walls.

Ahoy!! Show a leg, my hearty!!… Aye! Aye! Cap’n!! Hmmm, on second thoughts, I don’t think I can tolerate that scruffy and hygiene-questionable lifestyle. Uh!! Show me a functional modern toilet first, captain and I’ll show you both my legs!!! Sigh!! An ideal candidate, I am not! …and lower my spirits sank… 😦

Some noises snapped me out of my reverie. It was brother making humming sound and munching food that mother was feeding him. As I looked up at him, a reluctant grin escaped my lips. He was a mess. His hands were waving wildly. His face was contorted in deep frown, 1 eye squinted, thick, fat eyebrows drew together and on his forehead was a horrible gash, a self-inflicted injury, I bet… but what ho!!! A pirate was he!

Before I started killing cats, Heh! Heh! I turned and gazed at mother in askance. Behold!! Another pirate face! There was a long thin reddish line that stretched from her forehead, barely missing the right eye, crossing the mouth and ended just below the chin. I winced. Ouch!!! That sure must have felt very sore, I could imagine. “What happened?”

Mother started to recap the day’s event. Bro’ had one of his tantrums at school, got upset about something and started pulling off his hair and drew blood from his scalp in the process. Urghhhh! Dear lad! Whate’er went on in that head of yours?

It was not mother’s best day too. While cleaning the upper cabinet in the kitchen, the sliding glass door suddenly fell on her face. The graze could have been worse had she not been able to fend off the glass with her hand. She’d wanted to go to a clinic for stitches but no one was around to take her. Finally, she applied a generous amount of sea cucumber ‘gamat’ oil to the wound for temporary relief. The wound did not swell and she looked kinda cool sporting the scar. 😉

I absorbed these tidings and understood the reason behind shards of glasses that I saw next to the dustbin. I replied with a slight nod and a quiet ‘ahh’!!

I watched in silence as the pair settled down for the day. The great lady patiently fed her communication-deficient but exacting son. Bro’s grovelling and munching continued and eventually subsided. Stomach filled. He was one satisfied customer! Heh! Heh! 🙂

Ah well, I deduced. All in a day’s work. There’s this fight and there’s that fight. Who cares whence the whole gamut had come from; office work (unwork ) struggles, personal upsets, kitchen accidents and pirate fights belike. At the end of the day, it is about how 1 takes on the crunch and perseveres in the best way that life has to offer.

The ceiling fan swirled gently. Pirates!!! Sigh!! I think I can wait a few more months until the show appears on TV.


Blur’s depressing lyrics:

Ernold Same awoke from the same dream
In the same bed
At the same time
Looked in the same mirror
Made the same frown
And felt the same way as he did every day
Then Ernold Same caught the same train
At the same station
Sat in the same seat
With the same nasty stain
Next to the same old-what’s his name?
On his way to the same place
With the same name
To do the same thing
Again and again and again

Poor old Ernold Same
His world stays the same
Today will always be tomorrow
Poor old Ernold Same
He’s getting that same feeling once again
Nothing will change tomorrow