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Rainy Season
October 24, 2007

It’s rainy season now. For the past 3 days, it rained almost non-stop and weather is forecasted to stay that way the whole week.

It is hard to get out of bed. I wish I could’ve just stayed tucked in comfortably longer. Sigh! 😐 Actually, it rained a lot than usual this year; I could not even tell any dry seasons.

Do you notice the sky? It is shrouded with clouds. I guess it’s due to the global warming effects too. The temperatures are cooler. Heh!heh! I’m now less susceptible to cold showers I take every morning. I was recalled to the time I took a cold shower at Laban Rata. Mannn!!! Felt dead freezing! Burrr!!!

The good news is that our surroundings look cleaner and a report in last weekend’s newspaper informed that our rivers are relatively cleaner too. Also, the showers enable me to wash my car more frequently… not during thunderstorms of course. He! He! 😉

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Prelude to Aidilfitri – Endless clean up
October 11, 2007

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It’s just a few days more to Hari Raya Aidilfitri day. It marks the end of Ramadhan fasting month. I don’t bake hari raya cookies so I bought ‘em, heh!heh! I think 5 types of kuih and 2 types of kerepek should be enough to appease any visitors’ appetite, yea? 😛

This year I decided to clean up the big cabinet cum shelves at our living room… Ye know what? It sure is simple to mess up stuff! Wuahahaha. 😆 I haven’t finished putting the books back in place since Sunday. They’re all over the living room. Mum’s a bit riled but she knows I’ll have the place in order eventually.

There are quite a lot of old books rotting and I saw bookworms too. 😕 Yoicks!! … And dust and cobwebs. Ah well! I’ll sort out; the damaged ones will be sold and recycled and those that are still ‘repairable’, I’ll mend ‘em. Hmmm, I wonder where I put the DIY manual guide??!!! Glad I took up this task tho’. I found a lot of old books I haven’t read for ages; books when I was a kid. 🙂

Fortunately, I clean up thoroughly every week so there is not that much of dusts, unlike my bedroom… he! He! Shush! The floor tho’ does need to be mopped and copperware polished. Whew!

On hari raya, it’ll be the usual long travel and visits to family and relatives. Sheeeshhh!! It’s gonna be very fatiguing hols! 😐

Ps. I’ll add some pictures later. 😉

Pre-Test Anxiety
September 18, 2007

Sigh!! Again, I didn’t sleep soundly last night. I woke up at 3 ++ am and started to toss and turn. Bed was heavenly and the fresh air outside was very cool. Closed my eyes as best as I could to return to slumber but no go! 😦

There was no breeze but the air nowadays is colder than before. It must have been due to the effect of global warming. Normally, I’d sleep with my blanket folded neatly beside me but now I had to cover part of my body with a blanket and eventually tuck my whole body into it as the night got chillier.

I got up and made ready for work! I left early. It was a pleasant drive. One good thing about leaving early for work is that I’d get to gaze at millions of stars above on a clear night… and the air is fresher to breath in. 🙂 However, today, while I did take in those pleasures minus the stars (cirrus clouds engulfed the sky), my mind still felt hazy… 😐

Anyway, my heart rate had gone berserk ever since I saw my colleague readying for a Japanese test which she had to sit for yesterday. Last night before I went to bed, I stared dumbfounded at some of the Japanese language exercises. The test is tomorrow!!! Hadn’t had anxiety attack like this since I left university. Hahahaha. 😛

It indicated how unprepared I am for the test. I found the 2nd level (beginner! 😛 ) of Japanese very difficult. The structures are different from that of English. I’m rather used to English, I had a hard time adjusting to the differences. Sheesh!!

Dang!! I need to go back home early today to start revising. Thing is bugging me lots. Wish me Luck!!! Lots!!! 😕 😕

September 12, 2007

Do you know why the road maximum speed limit is at 110 kmph? It’s the maximum limit human body can take without breaking to bits, in a head on collision. ❗

When it comes to driving, we, in general are idiots and a selfish lot. I drove recklessly too when I first obtained a driving license. I remembered sliding at every road bend feeling ‘big’ and for want of consideration for others… the hell with it!!! 👿

I hope I’m wiser now. I maintain as best as possible 60 kmph or less at residential areas, kampong areas and in towns. I become more attuned to surroundings. I hit the accelerator hard only at highways but with a cool head and a measure of common sense.

There are too many accidents nowadays. It is distressing to read/watch about them or when passing by animals’ carcasses at roadsides.

The other day, on my way to work, I stopped to let a stray dog cross the road. The streetwise dog looked to left and right. Still, it might have been hard had vehicles moved too fast – too late for the dog to turn around or dash forward and too late for vehicles to notice, brake or make evasive manoeuvre.

A stray’s life expectancy is short, 1-2 years. This is 1 of the cause. 😕

The following day, carcass of the dog lied on a road a few kilometres further. The body was flattened but its still well-intact face gazed forlornly at oncoming cars. A very sad sight!

I’m not asking anyone to drive slower, just reminding you to DRIVE MORE SELFLESS!!!! 😐

Monday Morning n it Rained
September 10, 2007

Today is a Monday that twiddled everyone to stay in bed and to say ‘sod off work!!’ At 4 am it rained. The raindrops were like shower sprays at mid setting, like a rinse mode from an auto car wash at a petrol kiosk. I could tell by just listening. Cool, fresh outdoor air and steady tempo made by patter of rain on the rooftop and trees further soothed me to snug deeply into my comfy cocoon; a combination of bed, 4 pillows, blanket and fresh bed sheet and pillow cases.

5 am alarm chimed – quickly turned off by poking the hand phone button with one index finger.
5.20 am alarm chimed and as deftly dealt with.
5.35 am – drat!!! “I’m a slave of conscience after all”, I thought and prepared for work. Why must this happened on a Monday?? 😥

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Mann!!! It rained heavenly from KL all the way to Shah Alam. I bid all u smart people who stayed longer in bed a very good day ahead. You chose wisely. Sigh!

😉 My round of applause to
Justin Henin and Roger Federer, US Open 2008 Champs
Nadal – you won me over. Apart from your ferocious determination, I like the scowl you make every time you look at your opponent from across court, heh! heh!
Fernando Alonso, F1 Italian GP 2008, Champ
Heidfeld – 4th position and near impeccable as usual

One Year and Tinker time
September 7, 2007

Tomorrow marks 1 year of this blog’s creation… though admittedly, my 1st post came 4 months later. Wuahahaha! 😆

A new look is in order. Added categories …and About page in a short while. Noticed that I have yet to write much about all the travellings I did. 😳

Ooh! I did draft a few but too long-winded; made me want to gag after readin’ ’em. So I wouldn’t want readers to suffer the same kinda torture hence they are put on hold… also, I haven’t got the hang of attaching picts… took too long, this task… the default roundish, supposedly-happy-invoking (don’t have a choice) font from wordpress still drives me bonkers too… but I’ll make the effort to post as many after this. 😕

And with the new word count feature which is good stuff by the by, I think’ll help me with the attempts. Thumbs up! 😀

Che-Cheh eventually persuaded me to start up a blog. To you and Mo-C, heartfelt thanks for the comments and encouragement all this while. I’m beginning to get the knack of it but money opportunity was (and still is) 😈 a strong motivator. To 1 time Pacco and all anonymous viewers who chanced upon this blog, thanks too. He he. 😉

Truth be known, still struggling to register my blog for paid post opp. Sheeshh!! 😦 But not giving up on this one! Kyaaaaaaaa!

Wow!!! Heavy downpour now!
Splendid! Hasta luego!

September 5, 2007

Ahh!!! Home Sweet Home! I knew I was in Malaysian airspace by the increased air turbulence occurrence during my flight back home. Seated at the window side, I could see fat clouds all around welcoming my arrival. Japan was still in the midst of summer; there were hardly clouds at Yokohama all blue sky and temperatures soared high. 😐

It has been more than a week since. My homecoming was greeted by news of a dented car. 😡 😡 Felt rather peeved with both dad and bro’. Bro’ had forgotten to pull up the hand brake when he parked. The car smacked a wall up front. Dad parked the car somewhere and we deduced someone rammed the front while trying to reverse out of parking. Hit and run case. Sigh!

The car looked ok but when I opened the bonnet, the magnitude of the damage was more apparent. It dented at the middle, number plate went missing and radiator smashed. In total, I had to fork out more than RM500 for repairs. Sheer bad luck!! 😥

I was not too put out as I usually would have though, given the circumstance. I was in a jovial mood, (now, who wouldn’t?!) after having spent a very pleasant time in Japan. The hospitality and cordiality of my Japanese counterparts lingered in my memory. Arigato gozaimashita! Tanoshii katta desu!!! 😀

I returned with loads of job follow-up to do. I returned to a tatty but functional car. I returned with less cash than I had planned of. I returned in anticipation of lots of wet weather… and I returned back to family and those whom I take most to heart. Good to be back, notwithstanding.

He he. I know it is very belated and I had my say already. But my blog ignores any temporal bind. Happy Birthday, Che-cheh!! And happy everyday everyone!!! … Also hope that little man Hzq is recovered from eye infection. 😉

Trip Ahead
August 17, 2007

I’m off to Japan on a short business trip next week. Weather is forecasted to be cloudy and rainy first half of the week. But whoa! Received e-mail from my manager informing me that Japan is experiencing heat wave. That is certainly new! Heard thousands died in Europe a coupla year back.

When I was there the first time, it was during typhoon season going into summer. So I was lucky to still be there and witness Japan held Hanabi or Firework Festival to celebrate the start of summer. 😀

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Earlier the same week, staffs were advised to return home at noon in trepidation of heavy typhoon in the course of the evening. It was one of those rare moments I got the night to myself. I was keen to walk by the quay but was vehemently deterred by colleagues. That night a super tanker badly hit by waves-goin’-amok stranded at sea and homes were badly damaged at certain areas. I saw that on TV. 😮

Let’s just say that I’ll most probably spend the whole time confined within the office at daytime. Sheesh!! Come nights, like most nights, my counterparts would drag me places for dinner and socialising. I didn’t usually mind but it could became exhausting to a point. 🙄

Never tried public hot bath. Hehe. 😳 Too modest and not adventurous for that. I did visit an island and some parts of the countryside at the outskirt of Yokohama. Preferred that to shopping binge in the city or visiting Tokyo Disneyland. 😉

I’ve been a little anxious and paranoid lately having watched a lot of air crash disaster series. 😕 Tried as I might to avoid, somehow the shows seemed to come out more. It’s not a good feeling being reminded constantly that I’m just a sitting duck in the hands of good ole cap’n. Now, if I can set my mind to have the ability to fly… 😛 Not sure I’d enjoy too much ‘real’ experience of Lost. 😛

Well I hope to return back in one piece. Do take care too till the following week, god willing! Insya Allah!! Steady heart. 🙂

The Bone Collector
August 10, 2007

I was pleasantly surprised last night when The Bone Collector was aired on TV. This is one of my favoured movie starring Denzel Washington and Angelina Jolie. It sure looked different aka brighter than the rented video tape the first time I watched. Well, no surprise there… I did suspect the tape was pirated anyhow. He he. 😈

It’s about crime scene detectives trying to catch a psycho on killing spree. No use of trying to guess who the killer was, the story did not lead viewers to that line of thinking; more to just watch how our heroes handled the case. ‘Twas not a whodunit kind of story.

I think the timeline took place when forensic science was still a new approach in crime scene processing. Scenes were eerie and creepy and a bit gross. I couldn’t watch directly (peeped thru’ my fingers 😛 )the sight of the murder victims. Urghh!! Heh!heh!

Funny when I recalled a cynical joke in Malaysia regarding our csi:

Detectives from CSI dramas, took out their forensic bags and methodically started to collect evidence on the body to determine cause of death,

As for our csi scenario, upon seeing a motionless body, they’d shake and shove the body a little with their feet n say “This guy is dead.” 😆

Wuahaha… Not an accurate account tho’ it implied that we’re still raw in this department.


Have a futsal game this evening. Hopefully I can keep up with the guys… 😕

of Strays & Shelter…
July 16, 2007

At home we keep 5 cats; 1 male and 4 female. They’re not exactly pets. At least, at first, I don’t think the main reason for taking them up was for pleasure. Neither do we need ‘em for work nor food. Heh! Heh! 😐 These 5 are cats that lasted up till now.

Stray cats c’mere to seek shelter and food. We don’t have the heart to turn them away; just leave food for them to eat and let them loaf about our backyard. If they couldn’t take the beat and the heat, they’d leave on their own accord. 😈 Sometime, (to our distress 😦 ) people would leave cats outside our house. There was a point of time when we had a score of cats. Imagine the smell we had to contain! Barf!!!

We don’t let in dogs tho’. There was one puppy that was so desperate to get into our house. It was late at night and the pup was yelping with fright and scuffling outside the front door. It eventually went away. Arghh! So sorry, little thing! Hope you survived somehow. 😕

There was 1 dog with a badly injured head (it smelled rotten and the scalp was partly open) that came and lied down outside the front gate. We covered it with old newspapers to give some warmth but I think one of the neighbours scared it away; it wasn’t there when we took a peek later on.

Anyway, these cats come and go. Whew! Thank goodness for that…and also thanks to a certain Program Kembiri, we can help curtail any population increase during their uh! tenancy at our home. 😛 Occasionally, some may return for short visits.

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Let’s see… if my information is correct, the inception of this programme was initiated by animal lovers and SPCA and backed by DBKL. This was thought as one way of controlling the increased number of strays around the area (and with that, common events of witnessing animals being rundown by vehicles or skinny feline or canine scavenging for food can be reduced).

The arrangement made was that a group of vets to set up a clinic at DBKL premise and provide neuter or spay services charged at as low as RM60. Normal rate would have cost around RM200. 😉

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We sent the last female cat for snip snip (as sis would have termed it) this month. A lot of people went there. Our cat was the 20th in line for operation. We also bought Frontline® products to apply to the persian cat at home. Yup!! Even expensive persian cats were abandoned or escaped. We had a chincilla once too. Xpensive breed these. 😛 Ahem!! Tho’ most were singaporean breed or common strays… Items purchased at the centre are given tax relief.

Not so sure how the clinic can upkeep maintenance but if I’m not mistaken DBKL put in coffers into this programme too. The previous mayor was known to have strongly backed this programme. Hopefully, the same goes with the incumbent.

The place allotted is actually DBKL’s animal compound/kennel. When we went there, the kennels were filled with stray dogs caught by DBKL… but ho!! At one corner was a… a… a cow!!! 😆 He he! It must have been separated from its herd somehow and was caught somewhere it shouldn’t be!

Eventually, the dogs will be put to sleep if no one comes to adopt them. Sad but … sigh! and as for the cow…

Car Wash
July 10, 2007

It has been nearly a week since the last rainfall, at my part of town. The weather had been mostly hot and a bit stuffy. Some areas it seemed, were engulfed by haze and 250 hotspots were detected in Malaysia. After heavy deluge and rainstorm season (which I, take great pleasure in 😛 ) the past month, I think it might have caused relief to some; minus the haze.

Rain it did on Sunday. Not the torrential type that causes flash floods, there was no accompanying lightning and thunder, the sky was not covered by gloomy clouds and yet we had bucketing showers, heh! heh! The cats n dogs type!! 😀 This was just the right time for a car wash! Well, ‘twas a good excuse anyway. He he. …I won’t be thought as too kooky by neighbours.

OH WOW!!! I had not had the opportunity to get soaked in the rain since I knew not when. I grabbed a pail, a bottle of car shampoo and a sponge and started to scrub my car. 10 seconds into the ordeal and I was thoroughly drenched. Wuahahaha!!! Hooooooooo mann! The feel of trickling waters along my skin was simply exhilarating!! 😀 😀 It was a quick work too, didn’t take much to rinse. Rain helped with that but I heard from some sources that it’s not advisable to wash car with rain water? dunno!!! 😕

Truth be told, my car hadn’t had a good wash for more than 3 months. 😛 I used to wash my car every other week. I dearly love water but I am now more aware of the need to save water. Perhaps, I like the notion of doing my share in environment conservation. Climate crisis awareness that has been drumming around by media does get into me. Well, if its fun, bring ‘em on! Looking forward for more… 😀

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Faithful Ol’ Jalopy
July 1, 2007

My sister was very surprised seeing me cry in front of the TV. It had been aeons since I last cried openly. Agog, she tuned in and then looked stumped. To my vexation, she hooted out in laughter. ‘Ur crying over a stupid car show????’ For readers’ info, Overhaulin’ is about car makeover. Well, I couldn’t help it! The show was touching and it rang true to me.

Basically, it is a reality show about a team of automobile designers and mechanics, with the help of insiders staged a car-hijack; take the ‘lucky’ car back to their garage for a makeover in 7 days. They’ll then return the car to the distraught but eventually jubilant owner. I tellja, this ain’t no normal make-do!! Yew only need to hear the engine rumbles or stare ur eyes out of its’ sockets at the shiny bodywork, to know! Oh yewl know!

And know what…by then sis had seen the cool ‘baby’, before and after. She went onion-eyed too. Wuahahaha! We were thinking about our own rundown cars and how simply wonderful it would be to be ‘overhauled’ ourselves. Lately, we’re experiencing deep stress regarding cars…

I own an off-white 660cc old Kancil. My jalopy survived 2 engine overhauls, 3 separate accidents with a construction truck, a bus and a car. The body had been knocked back into shape many times and repainted once. Now, at 13 years of age, looking worse for wear, it still moves steadily as I ensure regular service maintenance. There is a dent though, on the bonnet. A few kids were playing football and the ball bounced on it. Alas! Also, paint had peeled off at some parts. Try to imagine the sight of the car!! He he. 😀

I’m fond of the car, though. The thing about an old car is that you can sorta tinker it about with no regrets as opposed to a brand new one. I replaced the steering wheel with a sporty one. I changed springs and lowered the car by an inch or 2 for more stability at high speed (but at the expense of a smooth ride). It must be like riding a bronco, heh! Heh! A couple of months ago, I had rear visors added and had the interior roof canopy replaced. The old one had collapsed! Ha! ha! For sometime, people who hitched at the back seat must have experienced ‘yellow’ debris of cushion falling off the rooftop. 😛

Mother has been nagging me about buying a new car and she had called a few reluctant uncles and aunts in-arms with the campaign. She made my uncles and aunts who come for visits to make sure they hinted me to buy a new car. Sometimes pamphlets/magazines of cars, car sale or car loan were found lying at strategic places. Guess I should be grateful that she did not go to the extent of posting it at the toilet mirror!!! But of all sufferings! 😦

Sheesh! I know she’s concerned about my safety, doubting the car’s reliability (no surprise if you see the car. 😛 )… but I don’t want to buy any car! I have a car in mind but it is currently too expensive for me to own and at the same time maintaining my current lifestyle. Had I asked Suze Orman, pretty sure she’d holler ‘You are sooo rejected. Forget it, girlfriend!!!!!’ 😀 So, I will wait until I saved enough. Next year, perhaps. Blink!!

Meanwhile, faithful ol’ jalopy it is! 😛 … Hey!!! Foose guys! I need overhaulin’ here!!!

Revamp & Flat Broke
June 3, 2007

I’d originally planned to post as many times as the number of month in the calendar; e.g. April = 4, May = 5, June = 6. Oh dear!! The merry month of May came and went, yet there is as much as a scratch of post in my May Archive as there was money left in my pocket when the month ended… NONE! Zilch!! 😦 Ergo, I have decided to write 11 posts for this month, a tall order for my standard, whew!!

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I revamped my blog site a bit. Heh! Heh! Have to start from somewhere… Finally found a tagline that me thinks suit me best! I’ll burn u!!! Hahahahaha… that is the super coolest n deepest phrase I’ve ever came across. 🙂 🙂

Anyway, money seemed to shun my presence this last 40 days or so. As a birthday treat, my sis took me out for dinner to a Thai restaurant nearby our residence. The ambience was quiet, pleasant and simple; a little away from the busier part of the town. Dang!!! Best authentic Thai culinary I tasted in years!! Thing was… she only brought me there n the surprise was… I had to pay!!!

…and from there, money matters seemed to spiral downwards, urghhhh!!! A tequilla effect of sorts took place. Car makeover, tyres replacement, car services, holiday over spending, travelling expenses, etc. Hmmm… quite a lot spent on my car. Feelin’ mighty relieved that at the end of the month RM 304.00 was still intact for savings purpose. 😉

PC Fair and RM 2 Bugger
April 23, 2007

Heh!heh! Noticed that all my previous posts are rather long winded. Practicing to write shorter ones now. 🙂

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KL PIKOM PC Fair 2007 was held from April 13-15, 2007 at KLCC. Here, hardware and software could be purchased at reduced prices. A ‘must hang-out’ place for the tech-savvies!! Originally, the fair showcased PC products but the scope had correctly expanded to ICT. Now, one could find audio gizmos, MP players, hand phones, digital cameras and digital camcorders too.

I went there on Sunday where prices usually scaled down from the day before. Since I dislike hassling my way through crowds, I reached there at 10.30 am but only to discover that it’d open from 11.00 am. Darn!!! A minor setback.

I allotted RM 300 for spending with 2 items in mind (what with the economic outlook these days, one has to be prudent on how one spends one’s money, mustn’t one?!). Sigh!!

I didn’t survey much; just let a sales gal cajoled me into buying a 60 GB external hard disk (which I think was a good buy!). “Sebab Akak customer pertama kami hari ni, kami kasi special price!!!” 😛 I also bought a 2 GB Imation pen drive at a price of RM 72. The total amount spent was less than RM 250. Plus, complimentary cookies from Kingston!! Not bad, eh?!!! Heh! heh!

The only thing that still bugged me until today is remembering how the price was slashed from RM 72 to RM 70 before my eyes at a kiosk further up front… and THAT was right after I bought my wares. Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!

Ah well, win some, lose some! Still…. Arghhhhhhhh!!!! 😦

Hmmm, the post is still quite long!! 😉

Akiba (1)
February 13, 2007

Rain was falling as we set off from Akihabara train station. It was dark and rather cold but I felt contented. I like it when it rains. I like it when the weather is cool. I liked it the more so in Akiba. It was my first visit to this unique electric cum anime town. We ventured along the streets with its’ endless dazzles of neon lights illuminating almost in entirety any available spaces that a building wall can spare.

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A few gals in techno garbs and costumes out of an anime serie were busy handing out flyers. It was a startling sight, but most interesting nonetheless. Ultimately, had an Invid Storm Trooper suddenly flew above the sky or had I witnessed fighting scenes from Dragon ball at a corner of a street, I wouldn’t have been surprised. The ambience of the place itself and the otaku culture it embraces lent a weird lure that had the ability to transport one (ok, me! ;P) into believing he/she actually IS in an anime world.

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I was on an errand. Aside from a typical business trip to Japan, 2 ‘swell’ friends back home asked me to hunt for miniature katana or Japanese swords. I hinted my intention to my Japanese manager and as a result O-san and K-san were assigned to locate a shop that sells just that. I was tagged as a samurai aficionado. Even the placard displayed to greet me at the airport was that of Kenshin Himura, Samurai X. Heh! heh! 😀

By the time we reached the umpteenth shop, our shoes and pants had become soggy from trudging over pools of water on the streets. Ooohh!!! Let this be it…

January 30, 2007

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Dang!! my first attempt at posting a photo on this blog ended up in snafu… or this might well be an encrypted text locating whereabouts of a very priceless treasure, heh!heh! … actually it’s a crab snare! sigh*sigh*

— interlude —

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… n finally with lots of support from my seafood!! thank u! ;D

January 7, 2007

Yea, it’s a new year, 2007. It is a time where we line up new resolutions or renew stunted aspirations; stuff that (we think) moves us to do. I’m not sure why the needs of this benchmark to boost people off a fresh start… or maybe I do.   If it motivates one to be better, then who am I complaining?  But everyday is an extraordinary day… if I’m somewhere else, that is!  I dither. Heh! Heh!

I should push myself a little bit to start writing up a post…

It is a fine day, this.  The never ending ocean up front lulls any curious onlookers to deep, contemplating thoughts.  Cool sea breeze and its fresh salty smell sway our heroine further away from realism.  She is standing on a high platform, right above the see-through aquamarine sea.  A little encouragement, almost certainly will make her jump into the water, clothes and all.  Such is the pull that water has on her… and there the story ends, for now.  We’ll leave our heroine alone to drink up all the joy of life that moment and there; has to offer.  Culmination and turmoil be gone for now!!! 

Resolution 1:  To seek and rejoice at small packets of gifts from nature, in one form or another, for free; I never really appreciated how charming and soothing it is to just drive steadily along an archway of arbores, at dawn, with window screen down, and just smell fresh scents of the air and trees.  Now I do, and relishing it!!

Hello world!
September 8, 2006

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!