F1 – Fuji Television Japanese GP 2007 and Deja vu

Aiyarrrr!!! Heidfeld hindered from points and booted out of the race. Just 1 lap left before the engine failure!!!! So near. This is the second time for him failing to finish the race. 😥

The Grand Prix this year was raced at Fuji Speedway for the first time.

It was a very, very wet race but later on there were plenty of excitement and dramas after enduring 1/3 of dreary (yawn!) laps behind the safety car during which I half expected the race to be stopped. Click here. I wished I could see the famous Mount Fuji scenery but it was raining heavy so too bad.

But for viewers, here’s a view from above, at another time. 🙂

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I don’t know if anyone noticed this but it seems that fate or coincidence that transpired Alonso’s outcomes so far is similar to those of Schumacher. C’mon! Juxtapose their racing history a bit. Similar plots but different casts. At first I watched amused but hey!! What a carbon copy too. But of course, arguably, they’re world champions so the champion traits are there. 😛 Here’s just the tip of it…

The Champ
Michael Schumacher – 2x World Champions with Benetton (now bought by Renault) + 5x world champ with Ferrari.
Fernando Alonso – 2x World Champions with Renault (moved to MacLaren)

The speedy Englishman (arch-rival)
Damon Hill
Lewis Hamilton

Plus Ayrton Senna(arch-rival)

He’s currently not so popular with fans too because of recent controversies but Alonso can’t beat Schumacher in the controversial driver category yet Heh! Heh! In the ‘evil’ Shumi heydays, I was an ardent supporter. 😆

I read an excerpt of an interview with Lewis Hamilton last night. He mentioned about the possibility of Alonso pulling a Schumi stunt in the last races!! Heh! heh! He saw the pattern too between these 2.. n hey! He idolises Ayrton Senna. Well! Well!

I wait in anticipation of what’s more to come. Wuahahahha! 😉

UPDATE: Hamilton is currently under investigation for the accident involving Webber and Vettel. Whoaa!! Things are really heating up! Tho’ I don’t see what the problem is. But if he is penalised, then there’s gonna be 3 guys racing for the title. Corker!! 😮

2 Responses

  1. So what’s the outcome of Hamilton, Webber and Vettel incident? I think FIA want Ferrari to win la…that’s why they want to brought this investigation up. Surely Hamilton have no way for causing that accident.

  2. as u would know by now, he’d been cleared. 😉

    but having Hamilton out of the Chinese GP race, it sure is culminating into a very exciting finale. that’s something to give Hamilton to think about, heh!heh! … but a bright future for him! 😐

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