Pre-Test Anxiety

Sigh!! Again, I didn’t sleep soundly last night. I woke up at 3 ++ am and started to toss and turn. Bed was heavenly and the fresh air outside was very cool. Closed my eyes as best as I could to return to slumber but no go! 😦

There was no breeze but the air nowadays is colder than before. It must have been due to the effect of global warming. Normally, I’d sleep with my blanket folded neatly beside me but now I had to cover part of my body with a blanket and eventually tuck my whole body into it as the night got chillier.

I got up and made ready for work! I left early. It was a pleasant drive. One good thing about leaving early for work is that I’d get to gaze at millions of stars above on a clear night… and the air is fresher to breath in. 🙂 However, today, while I did take in those pleasures minus the stars (cirrus clouds engulfed the sky), my mind still felt hazy… 😐

Anyway, my heart rate had gone berserk ever since I saw my colleague readying for a Japanese test which she had to sit for yesterday. Last night before I went to bed, I stared dumbfounded at some of the Japanese language exercises. The test is tomorrow!!! Hadn’t had anxiety attack like this since I left university. Hahahaha. 😛

It indicated how unprepared I am for the test. I found the 2nd level (beginner! 😛 ) of Japanese very difficult. The structures are different from that of English. I’m rather used to English, I had a hard time adjusting to the differences. Sheesh!!

Dang!! I need to go back home early today to start revising. Thing is bugging me lots. Wish me Luck!!! Lots!!! 😕 😕

3 Responses

  1. ooh.. so the ‘smeagol’ dreams are because of the test?
    Hehehe.. best of luck, buddy!

  2. Good luck lo. That’s why I stopped learning Japanese. Hahaha

  3. mo-c, i think so… partly. thank u kindly! reallllly need ’em 🙂

    chester????!!!! 😮 i’d die of shock were u to utter a single word of malay or english or even chinese, let alone jap language. 😆 woof! woof! … is that correct for thank u?! 😛

    some managers are also struggling n even ditched class pleading busy as excuse, heh!heh!

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