Do you know why the road maximum speed limit is at 110 kmph? It’s the maximum limit human body can take without breaking to bits, in a head on collision. ❗

When it comes to driving, we, in general are idiots and a selfish lot. I drove recklessly too when I first obtained a driving license. I remembered sliding at every road bend feeling ‘big’ and for want of consideration for others… the hell with it!!! 👿

I hope I’m wiser now. I maintain as best as possible 60 kmph or less at residential areas, kampong areas and in towns. I become more attuned to surroundings. I hit the accelerator hard only at highways but with a cool head and a measure of common sense.

There are too many accidents nowadays. It is distressing to read/watch about them or when passing by animals’ carcasses at roadsides.

The other day, on my way to work, I stopped to let a stray dog cross the road. The streetwise dog looked to left and right. Still, it might have been hard had vehicles moved too fast – too late for the dog to turn around or dash forward and too late for vehicles to notice, brake or make evasive manoeuvre.

A stray’s life expectancy is short, 1-2 years. This is 1 of the cause. 😕

The following day, carcass of the dog lied on a road a few kilometres further. The body was flattened but its still well-intact face gazed forlornly at oncoming cars. A very sad sight!

I’m not asking anyone to drive slower, just reminding you to DRIVE MORE SELFLESS!!!! 😐

4 Responses

  1. who told you that? about our body can withstand up to 110km/h. This is new to me.

    Oh yeah horrible sight…cats/dogs.

  2. the facilitator for first aid training i joined a coupla yr back. u should enroll too, might come in handy one of this day. 🙂

  3. Last 2 weeks, a cat was knocked down in front of my house. It has severe head injury. Imagine in a residential area, one also has the heart to speed and kill that poor thing.

  4. urghhh!! did anyone aid or i hope the thing died quickly… yea, in residential area, i too just don’t get it! 😦

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