Ahh!!! Home Sweet Home! I knew I was in Malaysian airspace by the increased air turbulence occurrence during my flight back home. Seated at the window side, I could see fat clouds all around welcoming my arrival. Japan was still in the midst of summer; there were hardly clouds at Yokohama all blue sky and temperatures soared high. 😐

It has been more than a week since. My homecoming was greeted by news of a dented car. 😡 😡 Felt rather peeved with both dad and bro’. Bro’ had forgotten to pull up the hand brake when he parked. The car smacked a wall up front. Dad parked the car somewhere and we deduced someone rammed the front while trying to reverse out of parking. Hit and run case. Sigh!

The car looked ok but when I opened the bonnet, the magnitude of the damage was more apparent. It dented at the middle, number plate went missing and radiator smashed. In total, I had to fork out more than RM500 for repairs. Sheer bad luck!! 😥

I was not too put out as I usually would have though, given the circumstance. I was in a jovial mood, (now, who wouldn’t?!) after having spent a very pleasant time in Japan. The hospitality and cordiality of my Japanese counterparts lingered in my memory. Arigato gozaimashita! Tanoshii katta desu!!! 😀

I returned with loads of job follow-up to do. I returned to a tatty but functional car. I returned with less cash than I had planned of. I returned in anticipation of lots of wet weather… and I returned back to family and those whom I take most to heart. Good to be back, notwithstanding.

He he. I know it is very belated and I had my say already. But my blog ignores any temporal bind. Happy Birthday, Che-cheh!! And happy everyday everyone!!! … Also hope that little man Hzq is recovered from eye infection. 😉

4 Responses

  1. Wow your car kena rammed twice? Hey time to buy a new car leh. Hehe

  2. for someone who is stingy with her spending, ur solution suuuure is expensive!!! heh!heh! 😛

    am planning to do so in 2 yrs time b4 ol’ jal aka my car reached her 15 yrs. hope to buy mum an rm 3k set of new teeth first tho’!!! 😆

  3. rm3k set of new teeth??
    new altis 2008 will be launching.. hehehehe
    tq for the well wishes for lil Haziq.

  4. 😆 yup me mum’s front teeth are all ‘palsu!!’
    saw the e-mail, nice pero tengo no mucho dinero (money). 😛

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