Cheers to a good cause and a good start

Rovers nicked a draw from Arsenal. Sheesh!!! 🙄 Halloa… that’s a different back drop from the normal Barclay’s. On further scrutiny and zoom ins, here’s the display. I was instantly gushed with warmth.

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My team, Arsenal is participating in a fundraising that relates closely to my heart. My brother has autism. He’s not in the high intelligence category. He’ll need to be looked after, all his lifetime… well, he’s bro’ in thick and thin. Do click here for Arsenal’s news on this cause. 😀 😀

3 – 1

We’re not doing too badly in the league. The win over Portsmouth recently showed a good form. I think the team again played rather clumsy up front but good control and possessions at midfield left a hefty amount of breathing spaces at the back. Defence still need to buck up though; we haven’t been truly tested there. And I’m hoping for more apt attacks and attempt at goals. Hmm, why aren’t they utilising Eduardo more??! 😕

Heh! Heh! It’s funny how commentators couldn’t make much of Arsenal. I laughed out loud at how McMahon would like to see Arsenal scoring early but when it did, he’d preferred that Arsenal scored later. Wuahahaha!! 😆

This is a very strong team that creates interesting build-ups and tried patience –unpredictable tag to it. It keeps everybody’s toes tingling. Next, Spurs, whoaaa!!! ❓

But yea, we’re just making ourselves suffer long for scoring late, so a goal every 10 minutes would be fine with me as long as we’re winning… pleeease Arsenal!!! He he. 😉

2 Responses

  1. Arsenal scoring every 10mins? hahahaha now way! Too bad this weekend no football. At least ada USOpen.

  2. yes way!!! one can always dream, can’t one?! heh!heh!

    heyyyy u’d forgotten to mention f1. 😛

    too bad that my preferred choices, dementieva n nadal exited already… but the eventual champs henin n fed are fitting ends to this slam!

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