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Trip Ahead
August 17, 2007

I’m off to Japan on a short business trip next week. Weather is forecasted to be cloudy and rainy first half of the week. But whoa! Received e-mail from my manager informing me that Japan is experiencing heat wave. That is certainly new! Heard thousands died in Europe a coupla year back.

When I was there the first time, it was during typhoon season going into summer. So I was lucky to still be there and witness Japan held Hanabi or Firework Festival to celebrate the start of summer. 😀

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Earlier the same week, staffs were advised to return home at noon in trepidation of heavy typhoon in the course of the evening. It was one of those rare moments I got the night to myself. I was keen to walk by the quay but was vehemently deterred by colleagues. That night a super tanker badly hit by waves-goin’-amok stranded at sea and homes were badly damaged at certain areas. I saw that on TV. 😮

Let’s just say that I’ll most probably spend the whole time confined within the office at daytime. Sheesh!! Come nights, like most nights, my counterparts would drag me places for dinner and socialising. I didn’t usually mind but it could became exhausting to a point. 🙄

Never tried public hot bath. Hehe. 😳 Too modest and not adventurous for that. I did visit an island and some parts of the countryside at the outskirt of Yokohama. Preferred that to shopping binge in the city or visiting Tokyo Disneyland. 😉

I’ve been a little anxious and paranoid lately having watched a lot of air crash disaster series. 😕 Tried as I might to avoid, somehow the shows seemed to come out more. It’s not a good feeling being reminded constantly that I’m just a sitting duck in the hands of good ole cap’n. Now, if I can set my mind to have the ability to fly… 😛 Not sure I’d enjoy too much ‘real’ experience of Lost. 😛

Well I hope to return back in one piece. Do take care too till the following week, god willing! Insya Allah!! Steady heart. 🙂

Cardiac Arrest of a Kick Off
August 13, 2007

To be an Arsenal fan, u oughtta have a very very strong heart. Literally! 😀 Otherwise, if last night was anything to go by, if that was an indication of what’s to come, I won’t know how u’d survive watching the remaining 37 matches especially out there at the stadium. 😕

Arsenal’s first EPL match was against Fulham. The result was a nerve wrecking 2-1 win over the opposition. Goals came in within the minute of kick off from opp side, no thanks to our own mistake n finally ours came on the 87th and 90th minutes. How hard was that, ya?! Adehhh!!!! 🙄

Arsenal is as Arsenal was… Either Fulham goalie n defences were THAT outstanding or we lacked cool heads, dexterity and hesitated too long when attempting to slot goals. 2 goals we got did not bear much thinking, the results of barraging scrapes. Whew! 😉

At least I watched at home; plenty of space to roll my body over in frustration and many cushions to thwack n let out steam. Heh! Heh! My advice to the fans is to bring a punching pad to thump while waiting for the many chances to yield fruits.

On a positive note, because of how Arsenal played, on the 2nd half, while watching, I also started to clean up and sweep the living/dining room to offset my gushing adrenaline. At the end of the day, Arsenal won n the living/dining room was spotless. Kyaaaa!!!!! 😛

As for other teams’ performances, I must say there’re quite a few surprises. Conversely, it’s too early to tell as we’ve a long way ahead of us yet.

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The Bone Collector
August 10, 2007

I was pleasantly surprised last night when The Bone Collector was aired on TV. This is one of my favoured movie starring Denzel Washington and Angelina Jolie. It sure looked different aka brighter than the rented video tape the first time I watched. Well, no surprise there… I did suspect the tape was pirated anyhow. He he. 😈

It’s about crime scene detectives trying to catch a psycho on killing spree. No use of trying to guess who the killer was, the story did not lead viewers to that line of thinking; more to just watch how our heroes handled the case. ‘Twas not a whodunit kind of story.

I think the timeline took place when forensic science was still a new approach in crime scene processing. Scenes were eerie and creepy and a bit gross. I couldn’t watch directly (peeped thru’ my fingers 😛 )the sight of the murder victims. Urghh!! Heh!heh!

Funny when I recalled a cynical joke in Malaysia regarding our csi:

Detectives from CSI dramas, took out their forensic bags and methodically started to collect evidence on the body to determine cause of death,

As for our csi scenario, upon seeing a motionless body, they’d shake and shove the body a little with their feet n say “This guy is dead.” 😆

Wuahaha… Not an accurate account tho’ it implied that we’re still raw in this department.


Have a futsal game this evening. Hopefully I can keep up with the guys… 😕

Arsenal n Me
August 7, 2007

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The EPL 07/08 season kick-off is hovering ahead; on this week to be precise. Exxcitingggg!!!. As I consider my team selection for Footylicious League, I might as well ramble a bit about Arsenal. 😉

Aye, am an Arsenal supporter, goin’ on strong, notwithstanding. Heh! heh! 😀

😦 Sigh! We didn’t fare too well last season, 4th finishing in the EPL, lagged quite away from the winner, Mmm-aann-U (urghh!!! I’m suddenly afflicted with itchy throat n heavy jaw! 😛 ); and no title to glorify about. We played many oh-so-beautiful-football but lacked goals to complete the topping. All those smooth build-up in midfield culminated to nothing! Doughnuts!! We weren’t sharp or composed enough upfront ‘specially! 😥

E.g.… excellent tackling, …superb passing, …corker of a dribbling… rosickyyy… arghhh!!! Dang man blasted the ball to heaven!!! 😡 Adehhh!!! I know, I know. I’ve read lotsa other reasons that attributed to our disgruntled achievement. Sheeesh!! 😕

I didn’t dare watch most matches complete because of plenty missed chances!!! Arghhhh!! I headed to bed in case I brought bad luck to the team by watching. Wuahaha… isk!isk! All I could do was groan in agony every time my sis’ or bro’ let out tragic cries of near misses. Yea, they’re Arsenal fans too.

The team is different now. With the departure of several key players of the past and the not so big signing/taking in of some not so well-known young bloods, we’re kinda an enigma. Even other big teams expressed wariness about the team. I read many fans’ blogs and surfed the net to find out more about this team. Positive remarks sent me soaring up; negative ones sent me crushing down with a thwack, heh! heh!

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Courtesy of the Official website.

However, after digging for info and watching a few friendly matches; pundits predict another 4th placing; 🙄 irregardless, I’m happy to say that I’m confident in this team of a chance to win the league. Sure other teams have injected more money and signings, that’s normal. Back then, we didn’t play consistent enough against lower teams and lost points from there. This time, the team played scrappy, scuffles, not smooth, rather of a rough gem. Bottom line is we got goals where it mattered and I saw fiery determination right until the final whistle blew. Glad to see more Arsenal shirts raring for a try near the goal post when opportunities arose… uh! Still scrappy tho’. 😐

Against strong sides, we performed better previously… and now, at a glimpse from recent friendlies, Man U, Chelsea & Liverpool don’t look superior to cause insurmountable fear. So, come what may with all those big signings, I’m not worried because all this while Arsenal managed to hold its own against them; I expect the outcome won’t be too different now. .. and well, Arsene knows best. Heh!heh! 🙂

Next: Hungarian F1 GP 2007. Report Card – Heidfeld.
August 5, 2007

Heard that Alonso has been demoted to 6th position at starting grid for the pit lane incident that suggested to have cost Hamilton a potential 1st pole. Oooo!!! Things had gotten more intense and ferocious; the team mate rivalries and the Ferrari and McLaren espionage episode. Personally, I’d say just drop this scuffles and get on with the race. Come clean in the following races. There is every equal chance for everyone still.

On a brighter note, this means that Heidfeld has jumped up to 2nd pole position. Wuahahaha!! 😆 I wish for no better reward after a good run in the qualifying. Well done man!! Strong car, steady team, splendid performance, no scandals… May this streak of luck continue? 😀 😀

Hope that somehow the McLaren in front has another bad field day in the final and somehow other cars behind could not catch up with Heidfeld. C’mon man!!! Expecting his best performance yet and the Hungarian F1 GP 2007 top podium finish. Crossing me fingers and curling me toes on that!!!! 😀

Ahhh!! This guy has not failed me yet. Take a look at his mid-term 2007 report card. Ya?! ya?! Ya?! I couldn’t be prouder. I know I made the correct decision heh! Heh! I feel great!!!!! 🙂 Uhh!! scroll lower… not sure how to adjust the table yet! 😛

Australian34 5
Malaysian54 5
Bahrain54 5
Spanish7Ret 0
Monaco76 3
Canadian32 8
United States5Ret 0
French75 4
British86 3
European46 3


Dratt!!! Did not turn out as I hoped for… not an exciting prix overall but 3rd podium finish is slammin’!! 😛

Kitten with Sore Eyes
August 2, 2007

It was another typical lazy Saturday afternoon. I spent time with Mr Perfect aka TV (heh!heh!) I was not in the mood to clean house but the day’s washing was done; clothes hung out to dry in the sun. Mother persuaded sis and me to go visit our aunt (mother’s youngest sibling but 1).

Bro’ had already jumped into the backseat before I even had time to start the car engine. 😮 We stopped by at Samuri Satay Kajang to buy satay for lunch at aunt’s house. Heh!heh! We didn’t want to harass the lady too much. She was always in a state of panicky whenever her domineering eldest sister 👿 👿 decided to pay a visit. Well, everything went along fine. Hmm, the evil smileys look like cats!!! 😆

On our way back home, sis received a hotline-cat-in-distress call from a friend. Apparently, a furry black kitten snuck into the gal’s car and went to sleep. It was dirty and had a sorta eye infection so no doubt that it was a stray. The gal asked her to take the kit into our household. Mother was none too happy but sis accepted. 😕

The kitten arrived around 7 pm at night. It still looked scruffy even tho’ this friend had bathed n brushed it. Pus came out of its eyes. Urghh!!! I’m not so certain of its breed, midnight black of a long-haired type with bushy tail and green eyes; a potentially handsome kitten; not unlike the one Mo-C is temporarily looking after.

We observed it for a day and noticed that all the household cats wouldn’t touch food and drinks contaminated by the kit. They stayed away from the kitten. Mother explained that they sensed that the kitten was sick. 2-3 of our more streetwise cats also started to eat grass (medicinal grass – don’t ask me, ask the cats; there’s a type of grass which cats (by nature’s mysterious way) know which one to eat if they fall sick).

We hadn’t time to take kit to see a vet. Sis surfed from the internet for home remedy. 💡 An effective trick for eye infection on animals is by dabbing its eyes with cloth dipped in water mixed with salt. It worked almost instantly. The next day, pus disappeared and the eyes had gotten better and stool was solid. Whew!

Sis’s friend who is crazy about cats but cannot care for it on long term came to take it away for 2 weeks until it is healthier. Our aunt who lives at Pahang has agreed to adopt it later on. Aunt has been asking for a furry cat for sometime. The kitten seems to be a very well behaved cat. So I think everyone will be happy with this arrangement. 😉

August 1, 2007

Reminiscence from Life at Uni…

My sister (the elder) and I have always received contradicting opinions regarding our feature resemblance. Some would comment how alike we are but a fair lot of others would say we look as different as night and day. One friend’s remark went a little further… but rather defined, heh! heh!

I was walking past a bicycle shed by my sister’s hostel block, (her university played host to an inter-varsity sports event; I represented another) when I heard and saw someone excitedly calling my sister’s name, M.E; hands frantically waved at me beckoning for attention. I stopped and waited for the girl to come nearer and see her error. 😐

To my surprise, she continued calling me by sis’s name and asked to lend her a bike. However, by this time, something registered in her head. She looked keenly at me and slowly she asked “M.E, why are you so different??!!!” 😆

Wuahahaha. You need to ask??! 😛

Dang!! I think I’ve gotten a hold of writing short post.