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A Rockin’ Award
July 31, 2007

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I have been given this award by ➡ Che-Cheh. Had to read the blogs of other earlier takers to understand more objectively what this award is about. I must say it is a trifle too generous of her, I ken… but many thanks, rock gal! he he. For all that matters, ditto!!! 🙂 🙂 😀

Not too sure whether I deserve this. To be among other more established recipients of the award, does make me feel a bit awkward 😕 but heck! I’ll swallow it all the same. Heh! Heh! 😳 Still tryin’ to get used to writing blogs tho’. Reading blogs is way easier. 😐

Basically, this award is self-explanatory. It is passed around by bloggers to bloggers who ‘rocks’ in blog world. Depends on perception; it is a gesture of camaraderie among bloggers too.

I consider myself a newbie so don’t Know who to pass this on to. ❓ Yer think a guy blogger would be insulted by this award?! Wuahahaha 😆 For those who wants to pass this award around, please do! 😉

This post is a novelty tho’. I dare say perhaps this would be the only thang pink (sheesh!!), 😛 I’m ever gonna post in my blog. ❗

F1 Nürburgring – A Recollection
July 25, 2007

He he 😀 I agree with majority, F1 European GP is by far the most exciting this year. I watched again the repeat on Monday night and my excitement did not abate. There were plenty of actions, dramas and thrillers to be had; on the circuit and in the pit lane. How many times must each team change strategy and tactics in anticipation of the rain and track condition. A very hustle and bustle affair. 8)

Alonso won this time around. For details, go check out any F1 websites available. This and this for example. 😐

Pity tho’ that Heidfeld did not make a good start. 😕 Bumped with Kubica’s and was left behind. Sigh! He made a good recovery eventually. From 4th pole, down to 2nd last and climbed up to 6th position n a recorded 5 pit stops!? Ho ho. Whoa boy!! That’s my guy!! 😀

By the way, congratulations on the arrival of your newborn baby. 😉

Hamilton got much of the attention tho’. In comparison, methinks Heidfeld’s achievement was a tad better than Hamilton’s on this race. Can’t say much… Hamilton is the current favourite with media n fans alike afterall. 🙄

Heh! heh! Spyker team made a good decision of changing to wet tyres prior to rainfall. Then several cars skidded into the gravel pit. When condition had worsened, we got to see a red flag waved; then a restart. Winkelhock led the race for a short stint but had to give way to meaner machines eventually. Nothing much he could do. I’m sure he’s a decent driver but… Hmmm! The last time I enjoyed watching a backmarker was when Alonso drove for Minardi. His talent outshone the machine n that was great to watch.

As for the spat between Alonso and Massa, I think twas’ a case of over excitement that led Alonso to imply Massa about him doin’ it on purpose. I thought he was just funning around. Hahaha. What’dya expected his reaction would be mann?! 😛 Prod an injured tiger with a stick n expect to be pounced at la… U just snapped the title from right in front of his nose, heh!heh! I applauded their response during the interview tho’. Composed.

What with 4, not 2 drivers up front vying for the championship title and a lot of midfield teams with nearly equal strength trying to out drive each other, dang!!! F1 is getting to be pretty darn exciting. 😀 😀

The Maestro was there too hanging around Ferrari garage and communication hangar??. He he. With much excitement going on nowadays, he must be itching to get into an F1 car himself and have a go at least one more time. Hope, in a weaker car. Ahem!! It is my wish at least. Wanna watch HIM weave his magic one more time!!! 🙂 … n more n more… Hahahaha 😈

What else… aahhh! I need to mention this too. I liked the beautiful view of the circuit, surroundings and sky. Before the race, I could just detect heavy rainstorm coming down an area beyond. It was a sight! Oh wow!!! 🙂

… and finally on our commentator ( 😳 sorry, forgotten his name and I didn’t mean Alex Yoong), he delivered the happenings and excitement in boyish delight and pointed out even small stuff around the circuits worthy of attention and amusement; one couldn’t help but be enthralled too. He sorta brought the meaning ‘live’ on the prix really felt by tv viewers. Well done!! I’ll put your name once I got it right. Kuddos on that! 😉

His name is Steve Slater!! Thanks, Che-cheh. 😀

Got this picture from Cheers!! 😉

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Long time no futsal n now…
July 20, 2007

Heh! Heh! I have a futsal game tonite with fellow colleagues. It has been a long time since and I’m both excited and anxious. Jidane informed me that Mustqm’s and his 2 friends were state players. Gulp!! 😕 I’m not too sure they’ll be easy on a mere wuh-man… n most of the regular guys are futsal’s punch bags, heh!heh! But they’re a bunch of good sports, I grant. n I’ll fight, oh yea… 😉

It’s not easy gathering enough people to form 2 teams but this time we managed. New younger staffs joining our department are looking forward to this game. I guess EPL fever is catching up. Too bad Che-cheh is out due to injury. Niggling back pain it seems. Take it easy then. I’m expecting more regular games in the future. 8)

Finally on another matter, may the best man on Sunday be Heidfeld!! Wow! my shortest post yet! 😀


Lobster did not make an appearance. 😛 There were the 9 of us, 5 (my team) against 4. 2 so-called ex-state players were with me. 15 minutes into the game and I started wondering where oxygen in this world went to!!!! My lung felt like bursting n I was gasping for air like crazy.

I dunno whether those 2 blokes really were state players but if that was true, I don’t wonder if their ex-team was on the losing end. 😕 They were a little better than me!!! I played like Rosicky, very industrious at midfield but firing blanks. Urghhhhh!!! n there was no one to support upfront! Adoiii!!! Our poacher was lame n goalie cum leftback sat (literally!) on his butt at the mid line most of the time halfway thru’.

The opposing team steamrolled their way past us. I didn’t bother to count the score anymore. Heh!heh! Anyhow, I enjoyed it n looking forward to the next. 😀

A Touch of Creativity
July 18, 2007

Mother is the type who holds on to old machinery or stuff that I normally single out as junk. We live in a ramshackle household but since it’s her house, I don’t say (tak kata apalah!!). 😐 Heh! Heh! But recently, I’ve come to realise that they have their use after all. It depends on how resourceful one is and mother certainly is that!!!

The gas cooking stove had gone kaput, still functional but the flames are small, rendered ‘em difficult to cook dishes that require big fire. We tried cleaning the grates, stoves and plates in case of blockage but to no success.

Time to throw the old n in with the new… but ‘NO!!’ said she. Father bought it as a birthday present and there it shall remain. Sigh!!! 😦

This is one of mother’s handy work which I have to admit, is very creative. 💡

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She bought a big mobile stove (don’t Know if its called that but look at the picture n u get my drift, heh! heh! 😛 ), took out the barbecue grate, dismantled the stand of an old broken sewing machine and started to improvise; the leg paddle to crank up the sewing machine was taken off, BBQ fixed on top of the stand (which to my surprise fitted nicely), spread an aluminium foil on the BBQ n had the stove installed in it. Walla!!! Neat! 8)

aiyarr!! still the same font! anyway to change the font anyone??? 😕

of Strays & Shelter…
July 16, 2007

At home we keep 5 cats; 1 male and 4 female. They’re not exactly pets. At least, at first, I don’t think the main reason for taking them up was for pleasure. Neither do we need ‘em for work nor food. Heh! Heh! 😐 These 5 are cats that lasted up till now.

Stray cats c’mere to seek shelter and food. We don’t have the heart to turn them away; just leave food for them to eat and let them loaf about our backyard. If they couldn’t take the beat and the heat, they’d leave on their own accord. 😈 Sometime, (to our distress 😦 ) people would leave cats outside our house. There was a point of time when we had a score of cats. Imagine the smell we had to contain! Barf!!!

We don’t let in dogs tho’. There was one puppy that was so desperate to get into our house. It was late at night and the pup was yelping with fright and scuffling outside the front door. It eventually went away. Arghh! So sorry, little thing! Hope you survived somehow. 😕

There was 1 dog with a badly injured head (it smelled rotten and the scalp was partly open) that came and lied down outside the front gate. We covered it with old newspapers to give some warmth but I think one of the neighbours scared it away; it wasn’t there when we took a peek later on.

Anyway, these cats come and go. Whew! Thank goodness for that…and also thanks to a certain Program Kembiri, we can help curtail any population increase during their uh! tenancy at our home. 😛 Occasionally, some may return for short visits.

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Let’s see… if my information is correct, the inception of this programme was initiated by animal lovers and SPCA and backed by DBKL. This was thought as one way of controlling the increased number of strays around the area (and with that, common events of witnessing animals being rundown by vehicles or skinny feline or canine scavenging for food can be reduced).

The arrangement made was that a group of vets to set up a clinic at DBKL premise and provide neuter or spay services charged at as low as RM60. Normal rate would have cost around RM200. 😉

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We sent the last female cat for snip snip (as sis would have termed it) this month. A lot of people went there. Our cat was the 20th in line for operation. We also bought Frontline® products to apply to the persian cat at home. Yup!! Even expensive persian cats were abandoned or escaped. We had a chincilla once too. Xpensive breed these. 😛 Ahem!! Tho’ most were singaporean breed or common strays… Items purchased at the centre are given tax relief.

Not so sure how the clinic can upkeep maintenance but if I’m not mistaken DBKL put in coffers into this programme too. The previous mayor was known to have strongly backed this programme. Hopefully, the same goes with the incumbent.

The place allotted is actually DBKL’s animal compound/kennel. When we went there, the kennels were filled with stray dogs caught by DBKL… but ho!! At one corner was a… a… a cow!!! 😆 He he! It must have been separated from its herd somehow and was caught somewhere it shouldn’t be!

Eventually, the dogs will be put to sleep if no one comes to adopt them. Sad but … sigh! and as for the cow…

Car Wash
July 10, 2007

It has been nearly a week since the last rainfall, at my part of town. The weather had been mostly hot and a bit stuffy. Some areas it seemed, were engulfed by haze and 250 hotspots were detected in Malaysia. After heavy deluge and rainstorm season (which I, take great pleasure in 😛 ) the past month, I think it might have caused relief to some; minus the haze.

Rain it did on Sunday. Not the torrential type that causes flash floods, there was no accompanying lightning and thunder, the sky was not covered by gloomy clouds and yet we had bucketing showers, heh! heh! The cats n dogs type!! 😀 This was just the right time for a car wash! Well, ‘twas a good excuse anyway. He he. …I won’t be thought as too kooky by neighbours.

OH WOW!!! I had not had the opportunity to get soaked in the rain since I knew not when. I grabbed a pail, a bottle of car shampoo and a sponge and started to scrub my car. 10 seconds into the ordeal and I was thoroughly drenched. Wuahahaha!!! Hooooooooo mann! The feel of trickling waters along my skin was simply exhilarating!! 😀 😀 It was a quick work too, didn’t take much to rinse. Rain helped with that but I heard from some sources that it’s not advisable to wash car with rain water? dunno!!! 😕

Truth be told, my car hadn’t had a good wash for more than 3 months. 😛 I used to wash my car every other week. I dearly love water but I am now more aware of the need to save water. Perhaps, I like the notion of doing my share in environment conservation. Climate crisis awareness that has been drumming around by media does get into me. Well, if its fun, bring ‘em on! Looking forward for more… 😀

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Faithful Ol’ Jalopy
July 1, 2007

My sister was very surprised seeing me cry in front of the TV. It had been aeons since I last cried openly. Agog, she tuned in and then looked stumped. To my vexation, she hooted out in laughter. ‘Ur crying over a stupid car show????’ For readers’ info, Overhaulin’ is about car makeover. Well, I couldn’t help it! The show was touching and it rang true to me.

Basically, it is a reality show about a team of automobile designers and mechanics, with the help of insiders staged a car-hijack; take the ‘lucky’ car back to their garage for a makeover in 7 days. They’ll then return the car to the distraught but eventually jubilant owner. I tellja, this ain’t no normal make-do!! Yew only need to hear the engine rumbles or stare ur eyes out of its’ sockets at the shiny bodywork, to know! Oh yewl know!

And know what…by then sis had seen the cool ‘baby’, before and after. She went onion-eyed too. Wuahahaha! We were thinking about our own rundown cars and how simply wonderful it would be to be ‘overhauled’ ourselves. Lately, we’re experiencing deep stress regarding cars…

I own an off-white 660cc old Kancil. My jalopy survived 2 engine overhauls, 3 separate accidents with a construction truck, a bus and a car. The body had been knocked back into shape many times and repainted once. Now, at 13 years of age, looking worse for wear, it still moves steadily as I ensure regular service maintenance. There is a dent though, on the bonnet. A few kids were playing football and the ball bounced on it. Alas! Also, paint had peeled off at some parts. Try to imagine the sight of the car!! He he. 😀

I’m fond of the car, though. The thing about an old car is that you can sorta tinker it about with no regrets as opposed to a brand new one. I replaced the steering wheel with a sporty one. I changed springs and lowered the car by an inch or 2 for more stability at high speed (but at the expense of a smooth ride). It must be like riding a bronco, heh! Heh! A couple of months ago, I had rear visors added and had the interior roof canopy replaced. The old one had collapsed! Ha! ha! For sometime, people who hitched at the back seat must have experienced ‘yellow’ debris of cushion falling off the rooftop. 😛

Mother has been nagging me about buying a new car and she had called a few reluctant uncles and aunts in-arms with the campaign. She made my uncles and aunts who come for visits to make sure they hinted me to buy a new car. Sometimes pamphlets/magazines of cars, car sale or car loan were found lying at strategic places. Guess I should be grateful that she did not go to the extent of posting it at the toilet mirror!!! But of all sufferings! 😦

Sheesh! I know she’s concerned about my safety, doubting the car’s reliability (no surprise if you see the car. 😛 )… but I don’t want to buy any car! I have a car in mind but it is currently too expensive for me to own and at the same time maintaining my current lifestyle. Had I asked Suze Orman, pretty sure she’d holler ‘You are sooo rejected. Forget it, girlfriend!!!!!’ 😀 So, I will wait until I saved enough. Next year, perhaps. Blink!!

Meanwhile, faithful ol’ jalopy it is! 😛 … Hey!!! Foose guys! I need overhaulin’ here!!!