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Da’ Boss
June 21, 2007

Wuahahaha!!! I’d had wanted to just let this event pass me by… but I just couldn’t resist. Such ruckus the movie opening caused, who can?? Hehe! Yup! It’s about Sivaji:The Boss and the incomparable (I can’t find the right word to describe the guy, 😛 ) Rajinikanth. Wuahahaha!!! I got this picture from Wikipedia while checking out and getting to know more about him. I can’t believe I did that! 🙂

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There was a rumpus going on at Klang last week because 800 tickets were already sold out within an hour the ticket counter opened. Lots of fans were left empty-handed and a conspiracy theory formed. 😀 Similar ‘unrests’ occurred at KL, Perak and JB. My sister and her friend were at KLCC. She told me that 2 shows were allotted for every hour of screening. The displays blinked like crazy indicating that Sivaji tickets were selling faster than fresh hot cakes. All this attributed to mainly one man; what charisma the Rajinikanth has to inspire such admiration! Boggles the mind!

Ahem!! For those who’d wanted to watch less popular Fantastic Four or Ocean 13, many seats were available, there was no problem, daijyobu-desu, no problemo, kein problem. heh! Heh! 😛

I think I first saw Rajinikanth when he was doing a gravity defying leap high-up and sorta suspended in the air (move aside Matrix!!! 😀 ) and moving about for awhile (no, I won’t define that movement as flying! Heh! Heh!). Wearing a shirt and ‘dhoti?’, …he looked kinda cute!! Hehehehe. Hmmm… or was it him whence hoards of bad guys tried their bullying antics, (big mistake mind) He looked fearlessly into their eyes, strutted pass them with a kinda brass only uniquely his, toward the head villain. Not so fast hombre. ‘Guy- in- cahoots’ brandishing a chain saw was in his way. Mortal flesh met menacing chain saw. Sparks flew. Really!!! 😀 Wuahahaha!!! Pitiful chain saw lost big time, not a single blood shed and invincible guy moved on.

I’m not a fan of Tamil films but now and then I did lounge back and watched how these stories unfold. My mum & dad watch ‘em, if nothing else, but for the sake of good entertainment. Couldn’t help but be amused myself. These heroes do superhuman stuff and people treat it as a normal thing to expect in everyday life… and halfway through the storyline, I found myself (incredulous at first) somehow sucked into accepting this as … NORMAL?!!!! Wuahahaha… somehow, something, some hypnotic powers just stopped me from questioning the logic behind it! 😀 He he! 😉

June 10, 2007

I just arrived home from another weary day at the office, sat down and flipped through the day newspaper. “Ahh!! ‘Pirates 3’ is showing on cinema!” I mused. ‘BETTER THAN BEFORE’ said the caption (or was it EVER?). The b/w illustrations showed rogue Jack Sparrow and the attractive Turner and Swann at his flanks… and there were also Chow Yun-Fatt and that baddy pirate with horrible serpent beard. For viewers, here is a colourful rendition, courtesy of Disney, heh! Heh! 😉 Hasn’t seen it myself but word has it that it is better than Pirates 2.

Of late, work has become an excruciating ordeal, following through mundane motion one day at a time, like Blur’s Ernold Same lyrics; a stark contrast with the swashbucklers’ adventures. Any adrenaline-pumping, bloody wielding sword fights are preferable to my current existence; routine lunge and parry task execution within enclosed 4 corner walls.

Ahoy!! Show a leg, my hearty!!… Aye! Aye! Cap’n!! Hmmm, on second thoughts, I don’t think I can tolerate that scruffy and hygiene-questionable lifestyle. Uh!! Show me a functional modern toilet first, captain and I’ll show you both my legs!!! Sigh!! An ideal candidate, I am not! …and lower my spirits sank… 😦

Some noises snapped me out of my reverie. It was brother making humming sound and munching food that mother was feeding him. As I looked up at him, a reluctant grin escaped my lips. He was a mess. His hands were waving wildly. His face was contorted in deep frown, 1 eye squinted, thick, fat eyebrows drew together and on his forehead was a horrible gash, a self-inflicted injury, I bet… but what ho!!! A pirate was he!

Before I started killing cats, Heh! Heh! I turned and gazed at mother in askance. Behold!! Another pirate face! There was a long thin reddish line that stretched from her forehead, barely missing the right eye, crossing the mouth and ended just below the chin. I winced. Ouch!!! That sure must have felt very sore, I could imagine. “What happened?”

Mother started to recap the day’s event. Bro’ had one of his tantrums at school, got upset about something and started pulling off his hair and drew blood from his scalp in the process. Urghhhh! Dear lad! Whate’er went on in that head of yours?

It was not mother’s best day too. While cleaning the upper cabinet in the kitchen, the sliding glass door suddenly fell on her face. The graze could have been worse had she not been able to fend off the glass with her hand. She’d wanted to go to a clinic for stitches but no one was around to take her. Finally, she applied a generous amount of sea cucumber ‘gamat’ oil to the wound for temporary relief. The wound did not swell and she looked kinda cool sporting the scar. 😉

I absorbed these tidings and understood the reason behind shards of glasses that I saw next to the dustbin. I replied with a slight nod and a quiet ‘ahh’!!

I watched in silence as the pair settled down for the day. The great lady patiently fed her communication-deficient but exacting son. Bro’s grovelling and munching continued and eventually subsided. Stomach filled. He was one satisfied customer! Heh! Heh! 🙂

Ah well, I deduced. All in a day’s work. There’s this fight and there’s that fight. Who cares whence the whole gamut had come from; office work (unwork ) struggles, personal upsets, kitchen accidents and pirate fights belike. At the end of the day, it is about how 1 takes on the crunch and perseveres in the best way that life has to offer.

The ceiling fan swirled gently. Pirates!!! Sigh!! I think I can wait a few more months until the show appears on TV.


Blur’s depressing lyrics:

Ernold Same awoke from the same dream
In the same bed
At the same time
Looked in the same mirror
Made the same frown
And felt the same way as he did every day
Then Ernold Same caught the same train
At the same station
Sat in the same seat
With the same nasty stain
Next to the same old-what’s his name?
On his way to the same place
With the same name
To do the same thing
Again and again and again

Poor old Ernold Same
His world stays the same
Today will always be tomorrow
Poor old Ernold Same
He’s getting that same feeling once again
Nothing will change tomorrow

Revamp & Flat Broke
June 3, 2007

I’d originally planned to post as many times as the number of month in the calendar; e.g. April = 4, May = 5, June = 6. Oh dear!! The merry month of May came and went, yet there is as much as a scratch of post in my May Archive as there was money left in my pocket when the month ended… NONE! Zilch!! 😦 Ergo, I have decided to write 11 posts for this month, a tall order for my standard, whew!!

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I revamped my blog site a bit. Heh! Heh! Have to start from somewhere… Finally found a tagline that me thinks suit me best! I’ll burn u!!! Hahahahaha… that is the super coolest n deepest phrase I’ve ever came across. 🙂 🙂

Anyway, money seemed to shun my presence this last 40 days or so. As a birthday treat, my sis took me out for dinner to a Thai restaurant nearby our residence. The ambience was quiet, pleasant and simple; a little away from the busier part of the town. Dang!!! Best authentic Thai culinary I tasted in years!! Thing was… she only brought me there n the surprise was… I had to pay!!!

…and from there, money matters seemed to spiral downwards, urghhhh!!! A tequilla effect of sorts took place. Car makeover, tyres replacement, car services, holiday over spending, travelling expenses, etc. Hmmm… quite a lot spent on my car. Feelin’ mighty relieved that at the end of the month RM 304.00 was still intact for savings purpose. 😉