For the love of Touya (2)

We started to ascend a narrow staircase that led up to this shop. The name of the shop, I knew not. Later on, I asked a colleague… but was informed that the name would be too difficult for me to pronounce. Cehhh!!! So henceforth, it’ll be known as Mysterious.

An imposing warrior suit was displayed at the entrance; a promising start I’d say. I took stock of the size of Mysterious. It was small and rectangular, 2/3 the size of my bedroom at home. If there is 1 thing I’d gradually familiarise myself with in Japan, it is its limited space. But they do know how to utilise whatever spaces are available and put ‘em to good effect. As for Mysterious… it was compact, clean and uncluttered.

As I looked closer at the displayed goods, I felt a little chagrin. Aramaaakkkk!!! Toys and stuff??!!! You know…, weird looking weaponry from cartoon series… Ninja turtles swords????!!!! That did it… My cake was dough!!!

But no wait…”here’s some hooks for fighting; oooh!! Ninja gadgets n whoa!! Real katana!!” Things looked to be shaping up from then on. Still… there were no miniature swords in sight.

Surveying further, my keen gaze fell on him… Time stopped!!

He stood quietly at one side. Tall, dark and brooding like all heroes should be. Coolly, he waited for me as though tempting me to make a move. Like any simpering love struck idiot, I stuttered towards him and we touched. Oh my! (Note: “Oh my” should be articulated as though you’re saying it while softly inhaling air into your mouth… yea, c’mon, try say it) It felt like all my life energy was drained away from me and in an instant, warped back inside twofold. For effects, let me just describe it as whoosh! Whoosh!

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“Je suis Touya.” Oh Touya!! What a sweet and strong name. Recollection of my sparse French knowledge helped me out, “Downpour2.” (Heh! heh! I know French as much as a 1 year old infant, or worse.) I observed him further, caressed him more and the \4,100 tag at his side convinced me that we were equals and meant to be together, forever. Firmly, I pulled Touya out of his scabbard. His blade flashed out, meaningfully suggesting, “I am yours.” “I know.” I whispered back.

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Err… what was I actually looking for here???? He he!

4 Responses

  1. Hahahaha a good one! Thoroughly enjoyed reading this post.

  2. thanks!! 🙂 … thought i’d try to write mushy. thank goodness, it did not trigger any puking effects, so far. 😛

  3. Just realized that you’ve updated this space 😛
    Keep it up!

  4. […] the 2nd time I went there, I met Touya. I brought him home with me. […]

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